Sunday, March 25, 2007


(my new wallpaper, banquet hall of Karazhan)

Ah yeah. Back to the awesome-ness of progression raiding. Our paladin went on vacation this week so we're doing Karazhan old-school horde style with a Shaman. LOL.

It's been pretty fun. So far, we've downed the Huntsman, Moroes, and the Spider boss. We came really close to getting the Maiden of Virtue down, as well as the theater event. We got the Romeo and Juliet one.

It's pretty funny. To get to the Maiden of Virtue, you have to clear down a hallway full of concubines and mistresses! Very cute.

And of course after several wipes, someone had to make the off-color comment: "Maybe I oughta take off my clothes and get behind her and then she won't be the Maiden of Virtue anymore." hahahhahahaha

So far I've gotten Shadow-Cloak of Dalaran and Rittsyn's Lost Pendant

I've mostly just been amazed with the level of detail of the instance. We've come a long way from MC for sure.



Anonymous said...

My guild has downed the Huntsman a few times now and the bat boss once. Tried the maiden a few times and will get her soon. Moroes is tough. It's all about crowd control combined with DPS before his Garrotes get to be too much. As a Pally, I can bubble myself to remove a Garrote and also my Blessing of Protection (speccd for a 3 minute cooldown) can also remove that. All in all, Kara is a beautiful instance. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Alachia,

Can we ever expect to hear some raw audio ala the Live from UD Strat or BWL again? So interesting to hear how you guys communicate and work together in those fights.
I hit 60 a month before BC and only just got to see MC for the first time this weekend. :)
Of course it was a joke for difficulty. 25 people doing whatever they felt like and chain-pulling mobs. We cleared up to the Baron with no problem, but he wiped us three times and the raid broke. But it was fun as hell. Those raids seem to be the new casual pugs for people like myself, as long as we have at least one person who knows what to do.

Matt Tan said...

I thought Kara was meant to be amongst the hardest Blizzard has put out. Yet you talk about it like it's a breeze.

I guess it says something about your guild's abilities and perhaps having previously raided, you're accepting of what happens in progression raiding.

What sort of time commitment does the instances/wings require? I am considering getting my priest to 70 purely for PvE.

Gratz on the gear. Must be nice to start getting purples again.

Alachia said...

oh. it's definitely not a breeze. especially with our pally being on vacation.

plus half of our raid group is hardcore right now and the other is casual so it's hard to push them to do progression raiding.

but it's been fun learning new boss encounters and seeing the inside of this totally kick ass instance.

I've been trying to get in a few fraps of our encounters.

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