Sunday, March 11, 2007

Warrior Protest

Because I'm still pissed off, this seemed appropriate. :)
Big brother in the WoWverse, our beloved Blizz Gods at their best.

Two months ago, in an attempt to bring attention to problems with the Warrior class, a protest was staged on the Argent Dawn Server. As a result, the GM's threatened to ban people who were a part of the protest if they did not cease what they were doing.

It's kind of a duality. I'm pissed off but I know why the rules are in place. I know what they're trying to protect, our game play. But it kind of makes me wonder as well as to how limited WoW will be for an evolving metaverse in the near future.... as our desires for game interaction expand beyond the scripted and venture into possibilities that relate more to our social culture..

This site explains what happened during the Warrior Protest:
These screenshots are worth a *ban*!
Submitted by Abalieno on January 29, 2005 - 07:02.

Here's a "visual" reportage of the protest that took place about two hours ago on the Argent Dawn server of World of Warcraft. The subject of this protest was the problems of the warrior class, the purpose of the protest was to draw the attention over those issues and 'to awaken' both the playerbase and Blizzard.

In general I do not care about class discussions, in fact I rarely rant about nerfs or direct unbalances of the classes. But I was there, of course. These type of "happenings" are way too fun and interesting from an "observer" point of view. They are something unique that has its roots directly in the very potential of the genre. more

(image of the warrior protest on Argent Dawn Jan. 29, 2007
taken from



Maclort said...

Strange... I didn't know Protests weren't allowed, isn't it like RPing?
If you roleplay and dont like something wouldnt you protest? Seems that is the way it was intended for me... it makes it more real.
How did it hinder or 'grief' other players? Lag in Ironforge? Ive played Alliance, that place lags!
Spamming channel?
I dont understand. As in the post below, im still /confused :'(

KaizeN said...

I still don't understand what right Blizzard has to control what you do, or say outside of the game.

It seems that in Public is currently not an option, but if you wanna talk about it in private you know my e-mail address ;)

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