Sunday, March 18, 2007

Membership Benefits

Pretty nifty quest in Nagrand from the Consortium guys. It's called Membership Benefits. All you do is talk the Gezhe and he gives you a free bag of gems. Apparently, as long as you stay in good with those guys, he'll give you a free bag of gems every month and occasionally you can get a rare one! Woot! Free loot!



Trevor said...

Lookout Alachia! You may pull aggro!!11one!

Hawkito said...

Every month? Really? Do you have to turn in more Obsidian Warbeads? or does it get mailed to you?

Heard any good ganking music lately ( ;

Anonymous said...

there has been a problem that after you get your first bag of gems you don't get any more. Blizzard knows about the problem but hasn't send when they plan to fix it.

link to the wow forum thread

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