Tuesday, March 06, 2007


My current wallpaper

I began my Kharazan attunement last night. Maebee and I finished off the first two quests. Since we are both specced for no DPS, we had to rely on a DPS bott to help us. hehe. Terrer (the uber warrior) helped us knock out the first part. We basically had to go to two pools of water and inscribe something. Then we had to collect 10 ghostly essences from dead people.

The next part requires us to run Shadowlab in Auchidon to obtain a Key from the final boss.

I was checking out The Armory for PvP specced priest in the top 10 brackets of the Arena. Granted, some of them mislead you on purpose as to their spec and gear, but for the most part, I saw that a lot of good gear was coming from instances. I checked out some of the gear and they appaar to have a 9% drop rate. It's not too bad. For DPS classes including spellcasters, even shadow priests, I totally recommend farming for PvE gear to help out with your PvP.

As for healbot priests, I still need a lot of stamina and resilience which I won't find too much of in the PvE realm. There are a few though so I'd like to take my shot at Kharazan attunement and see what I can get in the process. It's definitely worth it to use the PvE gear as a supplement until you can get your PvP gear. This is especially true for warlocks and mages. Burst damage is where it's at...so stock up on your bonus to damage.

From what I've looked at from the priests who are in the top 10 Arena teams, they have no less than 850 bonus to healing and no less than 8k HP. I have a long ways to go on the bonus to healing with my PvP gear. Right now I have 9800HP unbuffed but only 400 bonus to healing. I'm hoping this will balance out soon as I replace my pure stamina gear with resilience and + to healing.


Maclort said...

Hey im very eager to jump into karzhan myself, i joined my first ever raiding guild... dun dun dun...
Can't wait to sample it, on the last step to attunement - just gotta do Black Morass then im finally done.
Tier four here i come!

Anonymous said...

My guild is going into Kharazan tomorrow night for the first time. We have many folks in our guild who are now keyed and an officer just posted our first official raid in months.

My guild use to have a "first come first serve" type of raiding, but now that the number of people that are allowed to raid in these places has been lowered we have switched to a guild forum sign up sheet and the leader of the raid will decide which classes can go. I signed up right away and now have a secured my "Rogue" spot :) I hope they don't make me main assist, but I know they will :/

Once we are back in full swing (back to raiding, like back in the MC days) we will probably have like 3 groups of ten raiding this place.

I'll report back tomorrow with details on how our group did and what, if any, epics I got.

Cheers :)
Macnchz ROGUE
Macether DRUID

Oh and btw... FOR THE HORDE!!!

Anonymous said...

Almost forgot...

Thanks for the screen shot!

It's now my new wall paper :)


kaizen said...

I heard that there is bug that if you die by the lockd gate of Kara, you can ghost through and respawn, so you can just do the instance with the attunement :o

Garmol said...

Nope you cant, ive tried that :P

wowcast said...

K to the zan. Not looking forward to instance grinding again. I think I'll respec back to shadow for it.

Still PvPing every day. I'm working towards my headpiece next I think...either that or my hands.

I heard the last boss in Kharazan is a holy hell.

I think Felix saw a video of it somewhere. It's a long ass fight that looks similar to the Nef fight. Maybe I'm wrong. In anycase, I can't wait to see the place, I hear it's huge.

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