Friday, March 02, 2007


This video proves my point. They should totally buff mages for sure!
Nurf Healerz!! WOOT!

You see, poor mages :( They're so under-powered.

*insert profanity*

hahahahaha... yeah. I have a mage, I know. Kind of why I like playing alliance and a healer now...makes it SOOO much more challenging. YARGH!


Unknown said...

haha Nice.

Mage here I come.
My main is/was a priest but now with all the consistent nuff I can't be bothered to play it anymore.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Holy hell O_O only 7 more levels till I'll get to try that out :P

So much for beating my GF's fire mage now -.-

Anonymous said..., I finally hit 70 last night on my Shammy! Sweetness!

I've gotta say flying puts a whole new dimension to the game. I love it!

Alachia said...

yeah for flying!
I think I'm actually going backwards for my flying mount money though..
-10g here...-20g there....:)

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