Sunday, March 04, 2007

Neutral Ground

It still kinda trips me out that after a long day of beating down the horde or the horde beating down on me, that we retire to the same city and share the same bank and the same inn. Shattrath was a pretty brilliant idea, I think. It's kind of nice actually getting to see your opponents next to you. Before, they were always off in some distant tribal place...heheh.

AB weekend has been going fairly well. JAE forme a pre-form group with some friends and we've been developing different strats. We still totally get owned against preforms...particularly this one guild from stormscale...ouch. I can't even imagine how much honor per hour those guys get. They enter the battle, 5 node in less than 2 mins and then win in the next 2, collect their xp and token and repeat. It must be insane.

But for the first time ever, I won like 5 ABs in a row. It felt good for sure. But then we lost a bunch but they were super close games so we got good honor for it. I am less than 1k honor away from my bracers!

Oh, also, tonight, I ran Shattered Hand for the first time. zzzzzzz....snoozefest. Going from PvP to PvE raiding is like....gah. Boring. But it may be because that instance is particularly unappealing. The pulls are all straight forward, the boss encounters aren't that interesting, and the visual stimulus was nil. I bet I'd feel differently if I was running arcatraz or botanica...or kharazan. :) I think.


Anonymous said...

Start working on the attunement, then :)

Anonymous said...

You know what's even better than hanging with the Horde? Being one!

Join us...

Alachia said...

lol! After PvPing against horde, I'd have to day that the grass is greener on the other side. PvP easy mode = Horde. :)

We have so many theories about this phenomenon it's not even funny.

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