Friday, March 30, 2007

/cry more

Anonymous said...

Don't you noobs ever get tired of regurgitating the same shit over and over? I know, WoW is your first mmorpg, /jizz. Oh no, I don't know what is happening to me. I enjoy killing pixels more than yapping at morons at a bar.

Who gives a fuck? Just play the game and STFU with your emo nonsense.

8:26 AM

It's cute it really is. Because you guys same the same thing over and over again yourselves. But you have yet to come up with an answer to my questions. Seriously, if it was as easy as shutting the F up and playing, my dear, I would.

Unfortunately, my brain isn't as one sided as some. And I am implored to actually use it and I'm sorry if I self reflect too much on something you think is trivial.

This is me and you are allowed to loathe and hate it. You're even allowed to throw the "emo twat" comment at me. You get to be you and I get to be me. That's the beauty of this world as well as my meta-world and the sad thing is that you'll never get it.

Keep your comments coming. I'm growing a fondness for understanding this flip side of MMO tunnel-vision.

If this comment had just been directed at me, I think I would have ignored it or deleted it as normal but it came after 11 other comments. This is my blog and I want people to feel free to post their reflections and stories and opinions constructively without fear of ridicule.

I wanted to keep the anonymous feature open for people who didn't have time to register with bloggger/blogspot. However, I think I might need to disable it to weed out people who use it as easymode flaming. Damn, how did the trolls find me!?



Starman said...


Part of putting yourself out on the 'net is dealing with scumbags like this. We've talked about it. Don't let them bother you. It's so easy for some prick with no backbone to make an anonymous comment. I'd bet $100 he'd never say it to your face.

Just remember who your real friends are.


Sayomara said...

Know that for every Troll there is a silent majority who do not post but simply read and enjoy your takes on the world of warcraft. It takes lot to put yourself out there and I for one thank you for you sharing your viewing on the world.

Pie said...

Darn you! I'm too lazy to sign up for an account!

Oh wait.

I used to post as "bret" by the way.

Unknown said...

Shame this had to happen. Stinking trolls. especially odd at the same time as this article came out in the UK :

It was about a US blogger who recived death threats and canceled an appearance at an event because of things said on her blog.

As Sayomara said there are plenty of us who really like what you do. Kinday quirky and strangely intellectual about a game where loads of people goof around.

Anyway keep on keeping on. :)

Moonknight said...

What I find interesting is that it is easy to find people who love to bitch at others for having an opinion and love to toss up the "Its just a game, deal with it" attitude.

I do find it rare when there is someone who actually makes me think about my gaming life vs. my real one. Alachia, keep doing what you are doing as we need more people who are thought provoking rather than dickbrains that just like to start shit with the protection of anonymity.

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