Monday, March 19, 2007

Shadow Girl gets Kharazan Attuned

Yup, that's right. Alachia goes back to her true form. Hehehe. Shadow baby! I respecced so we can run PVE all of this week. We're hoping to do heroics and yup yup....we're Karazhan attuned now! Woot! I was so excited that I ran into the instance as soon as I got the key. 10 man epics. Something me and my crew have been dying for... No stranger politics! We completed Black Morass and I got Mantle of Three Terrors and passed on the Scarab of the Infinite Cycle to Taint since I'm such a kick ass sister and all..hehehe :)

So here's the weird thing. WHO THE HECK KNEW THAT priests would end up the support healing class POST TBC????! I wanted to roll a paladin for TBC and Taint convinced me that Priest were better since they're the main healers. So I ditched my level 19 pally and rerolled a priest. Now, it's the opposite. Paladins are the main healers in raids and guess what? All the priests go shadow for Vampiric Embrace and Vampiric Touch (Damage+Healing, Damage+Mana).

But for PvP, I'm respeccing back to Holy/ messed up is that!? With PvP for our group, it's about survivability and the ability to throw out the shields and flash heals and prayer of mending and offensive dispels.

Yup Yup. So this week I get to farm and do DPS! My shadow arm has been reattached and the healbott is on vacaction til' Friday. I have to respec back to Holy/Disc by Friday so my Arena team can do our games. :)

This week we did really well. We got up at a 1598 rating. We're hoping to get up to a 1700 rating by next week but it's slow going because of our gear. The funny thing is that Taint's 3v3 team has more points that any of JAE's three 5v5 teams. Paladin, Druid, Warrior combo is deadly....and that's just based on class alone..not even skill. They have an 1808 rating!

While we were skirmishing this week, we went against the number 7 rated team in our battlegroup. Shaman, Shaman, Druid, Druid, Warrior. HOLY CRAP! Talk about pwnage. What sucked about them was that you had NO idea which was the healer class and which was the DPS. :o It was insane.

Anyhow, balancing out PVE and PVP is going to be pretty expensive with respecs. ;) hehe. yup but that's the price you pay...talent trees really change your character so so much. You're a priest? You're a druid? You're a Warlock? That means nothing to me at all. Oh, you're specced pain supression..Oh, you're specced mangle...Oh, you're specced Unstable Affliction..that means something to me.


Trevor said...

Gratz, I'm still trying to finish BM, The second boss keeps bugging every time me and my guild runs. Me as the healer(Resto Shaman) always gets adds when no one is using aoe and i cant heal with adds on me and we wipe...

You ever have that problem?

Ardent said...

Gratz, Alachia. I have been in Kara only 2 times now. We have killed Attumen the Huntsman a few times now. Have yet to kill Moroes (his Garrote is just plain nasty). We saw the Maiden of Virtue last night and wiped on our only attempt, and killed this Bat boss just once. This is NOT UBRS and definitely NOT for kids. It's fun and very challenging. On your comments related to Pallies - I play a fully speccd and geared Holy Healing Pally and find you are very correct in your statements. Shadow Priests are actually desired :) While players who want to play their Pallies and Shamans as healers are also very welcome.


kaz said...

Trevor - you can spin that shit and say that it's the tanks fault for not grabbing everything, heh. I mean, they know you're a shaman with no threat drop, so your group has to work with that in mind.

I'm only a 67 shaman, but I do plan to spec full resto as soon as I'm 70. I even grabbed a few 'threat drop' trinkeys (hypnotist stop watch is one of them)as quest rewards... lol, they're so weak.

Oh, and use that 20% reduced threat totem I guess... I need to l2totemnames. There's too many!! \o/

Starman said...

Grats. One run through BM and I'll get attuned myself. I'm looking forward to it.

Trevor said...

kaz - the adds arnt supposed to aggro to anyone, thats the problem, not threat/aggro

kaz said...

Trevor - Hmm, intriguing. It seems then that the only logical solution... is to kite them to Vael's room!

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