Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Woot! I got an A!
Now who do I have to gank around here to get an A+?? top 10 World of Warcraft Podcasts



Anonymous said...

All in all, that was a real spot on review of your show. Your show is alot more insightful and creative than any other video game podcast, because you don't really talk about the video game, but instead you talk about video gaming. I think to get an A+ you just need to quit your RL job and release more episodes :)

Anonymous said...

Well you heard the man :P
lol, you deserve the excellent review.

"I think in many ways her show is the best podcast of all"

"Oh yeah, and she likes to cuss"

And if quitting your job doesnt work you may have to sleep with the reviewer hehe. <---(JOKE)

Anonymous said...

I can't belive they gave the instance an A+. I guess the reviewer is partial to shows that have 4 year olds call in... Zack ftl

Taverncast and WoWC should've gotten A+, they are a hundred times better.

Anonymous said...

Alright! Congrats!

Elly said...

Congratz Alachia!! You are an A+ in my book for sure!


Brian V. (aka Spurlock) said...

You get a fucking A in my book, and that's a lot better than an A+.

Congrats on the recognition. You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

"A" with as many "pluses" as you can get^^
, alachia you are the greatest :)

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