Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Crazy Talk!

Taint: yo

Taint: i've come to a conclusion

Alachia: conclusion?

Taint: yeah that we need to role shaman and pali
felix rolls mage

Alachia: you're out of your mind

Taint: for next season
if u want to continue on the pvp track

Alachia: you already made me roll this priest

Taint: well that was in mind for the pve track
so we can drop pvp

Alachia: i'm not dropping pvp

Taint: and go do warp splinter some more

Alachia: pvp is the most fun i've had in this game
pve sucks

Taint: ok
so pick

Alachia: those are my options?
those suck

Taint: well

Alachia: you know how much time i've invested into my priest?

Alachia: you know what i had to do to get her ready for crusade?
you were on vacation

Taint: yes and when we switch to pve
you'll be happy we have a priest
if u want to get serious about pvp
half the battle is class make up

Alachia: i definitely DO NOT want to play a shaman

Taint: i mean i dont mind
doing the team we have
but we are gimping our selves
u know wut i mean?

Alachia: well you knew that class make up was 70% of arena success

Taint: yeah
but when we rolled we didn't think we were doing hardcore pvp

Alachia: OMG. i'm going to kill you!
i wanted to roll a pally to begin with!

Taint: we had like hardcore 10 man epics
and shit in mind
if that was the case we would be fucking set right now

Alachia: OMFG... i can see it now

Taint: we had kara on your wish list for a loooooooooooong time
10 man epic instances, we were so excited about it

Alachia: you're gonna flake on me again

Taint: again?
i'm playing druid

Alachia: yeah...your priest?

Taint: yeah i'm on druid
u can just do mage?
isn't that bad?
i just have to do shaman
no biggie

Taint: i'll be supplementing
but if u dont want to

Alachia: what level is your shaman?

Taint: roll pali
i understand
lvl 0?
i haven't created it

Alachia: ahahhahahahaha
i thought you did
i saw it once

Taint: that was my pali^^

Alachia: oh

Taint: lvl 6

Alachia: is draenei or human better for palli?

Taint: i kinda want to play shaman any ways
i have no idea
i mean draenai dont get much
they get like gift of naruu

Alachia: they get the resist right?

Taint: some weird shadow resist

Alachia: ah

Taint: humans get perception
which is real nice

Alachia: and spirit

Alachia: don't know if that matters to pallie

Taint: pallies dont use spirit

Alachia: damnit!

Taint: they stack mp5, and crit gear

Alachia: It's too bad PvE sucks

Taint: well
i wouldn't say that

Alachia: it's boring
last night was boring after we stopped doing arena and did PvE

Taint: pve doesn't really suck if u go fast
and are specced right

Taint: kara might be a lot more fun

Alachia: might maybe cuz I'm not shadow now

Taint: so u gonna roll?

Alachia: all these fights are the same regurgetation of other fights we've done in PvE

Taint: if anything i'll lvl my shaman

Alachia: my palli is at level 19
i guess I'll continue with her


Taint: k back
u rolling mage
felix rolling pali?
u staying priest
felix going pali

Alachia: who rolls mage?

Taint: and doing tri healer
no mage

Alachia: oh
is that a good combo?
no dps?

Taint: pali/priest/druid/warlock/warrior
i like tri healer

Alachia: who is our lock?

Taint: i mean rogue instead of lock

Alachia: so have felix roll up his palli?

Taint: wut u think of that team?

Alachia: no dps
we have so little dps as is

Taint: rogue/warrior/druid

Alachia: oh, DPS druid

Taint: i would go mangle

Taint: i think the power of druid is its feral side
not resto side
cuz as long as i stack int
i can spot heal
and cyclone
after we burst one down?
u know?
and we get innervate
but if ppl dont want to switch
its kewl

Alachia: that combo is easier, i'll give yout that

Taint: like i just kinda want to climb the ladder

Alachia: i can talk to felix about it

Taint: and i'm willing to switch
to w/e for that

Alachia: and it'll give me a chance to roll up my mage
with him

Taint: for water at the least

Alachia: yeah
okay. that's doable

Taint: but if he likes warlock no biggy

Alachia: and can be done soon for start of next season

Taint: if ppl want to stay their class they should stay
i have absoutly no preference

Alachia: and we'll be geared by then

Taint: in my class

Alachia: it's about time investment
did you guys get owned by the tri-healer team?

Taint: we get owned by tri healer teams
like a mofo
plz our burst with druid/rogue/warrior
would be pretty heavy imo

Alachia: okay. i'll talk to felix

Taint: i mean i dont mind staying with wut we got
it will work
just not as easy

Alachia: we could probably push for it in the next two weeks...he's on spring break so it's a good time

Taint: yeah
i mean u guys are like 64?
or 63
u could roll that shit fast

Alachia: 63
so you think pallie > warlock?

Taint: well i think tri healer
is gonna be easy for us

Alachia: okay

Taint: when i say tri healer i mean druid as feral

Alachia: but that means you're gonna have to yield as much dps as a lock

Taint: with stacked int to help heal after burst
and cyclone
cuz basically we go from a 5vs5 to 3vs5 fast

Alachia: cyclone is a bitch!!! a mother f0=cking bitch!
i hate it

Taint: yeah
i think the power of druid is his hybrid ability and cyclone

Alachia: even with the nurf to mangle?

Taint: mangle nerf was only bear form mangle nerf
same mangle dmg in cat form

Alachia: ah


Anonymous said...

I want you to Roll Shaman just to see you like it!
Its a fun class

Anonymous said...

I think Maclort said it all. Shammy all the way, don't dis till you've tried it!

Anonymous said...

Now's your chance! Come to the Horde! Do it!

Blood Elves are the best pallies by the way. Tauren are the best shamans.

Join us...

Anonymous said...

If you really wanna learn about 5v5 arena just read worldofming.com. It's probably the only source that you'll get inside info/thoughts from a top 5v5 arena team.

Also, tri-healer team is one of the best set-ups. It's meant to play defensively (i.e. outlast).

You could go tri-dps (pala, priest, mage, rogue war) and go for the "kill" game though.

Alachia said...

yup yup. I have definitely read up on the worldofming before I started to do Arenas.

However, everyone should know that you're reading one perspective and that while it's an awesome resource, a lot of their information is debatable by other Arena teams.

But it's a good start for sure for anyone interested in starting up Arenas.

Anonymous said...

Me and my friend in our 2v2 team can have a good go at most combinations but the one that gives two mages most trouble (from what we've encountered) was DEFINITELY two druids! One feral one resto.
Both in forms so unsheepable, tried burning down bear (but awesome heals) tried outlasting with more mana (dam resto druid just would not run out of mana) tried DPSing the tree down first (just gave the bear a chance to bite us in the ass)... the only times we beat that particular team was when one of the two got cocky and came out of form to switch forms to cat to add more dps... in which case he got sheeped instantly making the other druid extremely vulnerable.

~The Sharp Sheepers :P

Hope its useful info. for someone

Matt Tan said...

I like your brother.

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