Monday, March 05, 2007

Arena 3 Wins, 7 losses

One thing about being in JAE is that you're used to being the underdog. We are friends that play together and kind of just do the best with what we have. We were four man strong when we did FPS ladders but had to rely on 4 more rotating pugs to help us out. In WoW, we're definitely stunted by our class make-up but we're making due.

Due to time reasons, Saddin has to go back to NJ this week, we had to get 10 games out of the way. We had already missed the first week of arena battles. Taint is using two characters to do arenas and is gearing up both at the same time. His hunter and druid. It's all chaotic really with our static party because of schedule issues. We were like 10 losses is better than no games, so we opted to just do them and hope for the best. SO, we lost 5 games in a row. Partly because of our dps and partly because Felix's internet connection kept going out.

The bottom line was that we lacked the DPS. We had a warrior, a warlock, a druid, and two priests. So after the 5th battle, Taint respecced his druid out of healing and into feral. WoW!!! VAST improvement on our game. We won the next 3 games in a row. Then we lost the next two because we weren't focusing dps and CCing the healers in time and there was a bad call made about where we were positioning ourselves.

Felix is going to respec this week. Maebee and I are seriously thinking about a respec as well. I went to the armory and looked up the top rated PvP arena teams and checked out the priest specs. Holy 36/Disc 25/Shadow 0. I might go with this new one. It just feels weird chopping off my shadow arm.

Anyhow, I suspect we will do better with the new specs. Burst dps and burst healing is where it's at apparently. Plus, we're slowly gearing up which will help tons! Resilience FTW!


Anonymous said...

No greater experience can be obtained more then in losing.

As I've never seen the JAE forum, I'm only going on the assumption that my suggestion hasn't already been done in some way, so please forgive my ignorance.

It sounds like a major problem is that there is a real problem with static play styles and general PvP knowledge.

My suggestion is Within the JAE forum, create a section, dedicated directly for Arena.
Make individual sections for all the classes, and then make a Arena Knowledge Catalogue, for each Individual class.

The main reason for doing this would be so all members will be given an insight into Arena battles, even if they've not taken part in them.

You could even post up Specs, designed specificly for Arena, so that members know exactly what they should be using when going in, so they have the "optimal" talents for PvP.

Though I've never perticipated in PvP in WoW, we've been doing this in the Academy I'm apart of and out of about 20 matchs we've never lost :P

Anonymous said...

Me and a fellow mage tried out the arena team, 'The Sharp Sheepers' (i love our name hehe)
We have lost more than we've won but gotta say our hardest battles are usually against a DPS and a Healer. But loads of fun, drooling at the mage arena staff - have you seen it? It's like a big dam crystal thing, looks awesome! Can't wait.
Easiest battles would be against two melee, but a rogue and feral druid would give us a run for our money. Altho a good tactic against stealth for us was when we were in the Ring of Blood arena, if we ran up the ramp and jumped on a pillar, one of us could spam rank one blizzard on the one spot which they could jump on our pillar from - - oddly enough this usually led to the two other characters to be standing right beside our AoE..
So on vent we could say, ok now going to aoe to both sides - ready to attack...

It worked quite well...
But love that Blizzard included more PvP in the game.

Alachia said...

kaizen. that's an excellent idea. but i might want to broaden it more. there are currently two groups within JAE who are doing PvP arena.

Group1. JAE. Taint, Alachia, Felix, Saddin, Maebee (druid, priest, warlock, warrior, priest)

Group2. ZUM. Taint, Shade, Nub, Vish, Terrer (hunter, shammy, lock, pally, warrior)

I know these guys could add insight into the arena beginner experience but I'm very interested in learning from teams that are rated and what they have encountered in terms of class combinations.

Anonymous said...

Not strictly about the arena, but you had a picture of your pvp bracers so it reminded me...

Yesterday I was thinking about grinding pvp on Alliance. I imagine it must be like stabbing yourself in the face with a fork and expecting your blood to turn into money. Is that a fair assessment?

Anonymous said...

In a nut shell Yes, and no.

Depends entirely on whether or not your team all go AFK to get their mark, or they actually have a few brain cells kicking about in their head.

The only problem you might have is if you get stuck in a dead heat between two useless Alliance and Horde teams in AV. If that's the case you mayaswell go put a film on, because you could be there for litterally hours.

Alachia said...

more like slowly peeling your face off. :)

it's been tough...especially when i can objectively look and pinpoint where we go wrong over and over and over again.

alliance have the talent for sure, but they lack some of the most fundamentals of patience and strategy.

I've kind of gotten used to losing AB at 1600/2000 because Alliance always gets greedy and rarely defends their nodes. Same with Eye of the Storm.

I've been too scared to farm AV yet even though I really could use the tokens. The darn battle is too long for my taste but I'll muck it out eventually.

If I were horde, I go PvP route for sure. They win almost 8/10 BGs.

But you still get honor even though it's a close game so yeah for that!

Anonymous said...


Last night I played some AB. One we won about 2000/400. Another was a 5 cap. The only halfway decent alliance team I encountered lost worse than that.

Even I can see from here how bad they are. We were sitting on a four-cap and the alliance zerged, over and over, right into our giant group of guys sitting right outside the stables.

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