Sunday, March 04, 2007

Help Solve the Mystery

"I summmoned my mount one time and I got a pic of this guy. He is also in some pics of thottbot. Who is he?" -Zachary

Can anyone help solve Zachary's mystery? His face does seem familiar.



Trevor said...

He is Mr. Placeholder, AKA your computer didn't load the graphic so it took the default one, He is a bliz GM or CM I believe.

Quag! said...

He is one of the developers from the original game, if he is still at blizzard? I do not know. He was a default icon for goofs and can be found more in a *cough* private server, Game Master abilities see this icon for many powers. Best I can offer guys/gals.

Anonymous said...

It's Chris Metzen. WoW's vice president of creative development.


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