Sunday, March 25, 2007

Epic Flying Mount

I didn't think I was going to get one honestly. But Sadin gave me all of his money and offered to buy it for me. Weeeeeeee! Epic Flying is soooo fun. Totally worthless for people who don't farm though. I was farming herbs like a mofo tonight... I'm still not as good as farming as Felix is. That kid knows like every herb and mine spawn like the back of his hand. I'm fairly new to the whole farming thing.

+riding crop is like super man speed. I don't need to take a paid Gryphon anymore for sure.



KaizeN said...

:o Nice choice of colour :P

Still, try to think of this way -
Take all the money you've spent flying, on all your characters, times it by 50, then times that by 2, assuming you'll be playing WoW for twice as long as you already have. THEN it might work out to be the economical choice :P

That is of course guessing Bliz will take about that long to patch in the Nethedrake chain quest :P

Least you'll be the first one to the raid ^_^

Starman said...

Wow! Grats. I didn't know you got it.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I'll likely never get one =(

Anonymous said...

Did you use "Alli-Scum"'s 1s to help?

Anonymous said...

Just got my non-epic one last night...can't imagine how cool an epic one would be....Congratz!

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