Wednesday, March 28, 2007

RP Scandal!

So while we were raiding in Karazhan, this article somehow came up in conversation...and there was mention of someone getting fired for wacking off in a Burger King. Special sauce...yeah.

I found the article....just when you thought the Tram Scandal couldn't be topped!

Dude's Cyber Girlfriend Actually a Dude from Daily Gaming News.
...Pictures of Chelxai had been making the rounds on server message boards, and he managed to gather a large following of fanboys before it was revealed that the object of their desire was actually a twenty seven year old junior college dropout who still lived with his parents and had recently been fired from the local Burger King after being caught masturbating in the store office to pictures of blood elves he had printed out and brought to work.

We made better progression in Karazhan today for this week's reset. Huntsman, Moroes, and Maiden of Virtue down! woot! I picked up a new healing weapon..Shard of the Virtuous which will be nice when I respec back to Holy/Disc :(


Anonymous said...


Starman said...

You want fries with that?

Anonymous said...

Why yes I do...

lol to a picture of a bloof elf?
Seriously what can a pixelated blood elf do for him that a porno mag can't?

Still very funny tho :P

... and is no one else asking... 'Why didn't he do it in the toilet? WHY the office! Where people actually regularly go to...'
This guy isn't the smartest apparently.

Anonymous said...

it's a fake story. Use the armory and research the names...the guild doesn't exist on the server mentioned. Or, just go to Emerald Dream yourself and ask him :)

Alachia said...

lol. After the part about the Burger King masturbation icing on the cake, we all decided it was fake too.

But sadly, something like this probably has happened in game.

someone suggested you don't get involved with anyone you meet in game until you hear their voice on vent...but the raid made a lot of wise crack jokes about that too. lol.

Anonymous said...

Never get involved with a female Blood Elf, simple


Anonymous said...

lol so my pointing out of strangely idiotic things was just because it didn't happen.
Gee i feel smart now :)

Altho I know a couple who met over Everquest, they have been going out for a few years and live together. They now play world of warcraft and I met them when i played alliance for a while.
We still chat over Skype every so often, they're really nice people.

Just thought id throw in some reality to balance out the fiction which I didn't see through...

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