Thursday, March 01, 2007

First Epic

PvP does teach you one thing...patience and how to deal with complete morons.
Sheesh. You just don't encounter this kind of blind sightedness in PvE for extended periods of a time. Kind of like the A&M offense when I was back in college. What's the next play? Up the middle! and the next? Up the middle! It didn't work the last 100 times so what now? Up the middle!

hahahaha..Eye of the Storm. How 10 alliance can think that running down the center for a flag with no towers caputured = win....I have no idea.

but the beauty of PvP is that it has micro-adventures as well as macro. You get to discvoer new things about your class every to handle massively different combination of classes and specs.

tonight, I finally got enough honor for my first lvl 70 epic piece! However, I think I'm more excited about finally getting the piccolo trinket from Undead Strat! Woot! Everybody dance now! que 90s horrible techno-pop music! /dance


Anonymous said...

Uuuhhh a 70 purple o.o Seeing that makes me glad I didn't rush to 60, and waste time farming raid instances.

LOL! Your story reminds me so much of a time I was in AV. The Horde had capt the graveyard just before the bridge, that takes you to the Stormpike outpost.

Gameplan = "Capture their towers!!"

Well that's gonna work considering we have 40 Horde pulling our pants down around our ankles, while 4 rogues attempt to take everything. God forbid they try to stealth the grave yard that could do us a bit of good >_>

Alachia said...

yeah. pvping is a new kind of frustration.

i get so frustrated with the rest of the alliance at times. they are horrible at strategy. often times, you'll see them clustered in the middle not gaining any ground on pure objectives. herd mentality is what i call it.

but the great thing about pvp is that i never ever get bored or tired of it. even when i lose, i learn something and i got to do it's pure fun.

9k honor away from my wrists!

Anonymous said...

I have a solution, roll Horde!

Anonymous said...

You mean like the spice girls :P
Ok ok its not techno ...

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