Wednesday, March 14, 2007

AH Queen

So the night before last I got a hand upgrade Energis Armwraps from today when I went to go buy my Grand Marshal Mooncloth gloves, I noticed it wasn't that big of an upgrade anymore..... After talking to Maebee about her opinion, it made more sense to upgrade the shoulders instead and add gems to them.. So I got my pretty shoulders afterall!

However, I still look like an AH queen. That's my new term for people whose outfits look uncoordinated and are probably all mix matched from AH buys. :) hehehe.



Anonymous said...

Following up on your discussion with Felix, my arena team of preference would be:

- Warrior (MS)
- Warrior (any spec)
- Pally (holy)
- Pally (holy)
- Druid (resto)

mortal strike = target can't be healed

2 holy palys + druid = 3 instant heals every 15 seconds

2nd warrior: probably not second mortal strike, maybe protection for the 4k shield slams every 6sec... and can't be killed. A 2nd MS warrior would work just as fine I guess.

You can generally heal more per point of mana than doing damage, and thats the strategy I'm playing on here.

This group is about survivability and control first and foremost.

Anonymous said...

Err, I mispelled Taint... all 5 letter keys are next to each other?

Matt Tan said...

I'm actually starting to shy from full sets. I'll work in a couple to get the bonuses if they are worth it, but I find there's something appealing about a character that's mixed things up to get the best out of what's readily available.

In fact, the only epics I will always want in the end are mounts, and weapons.

The way I look at it is, start with getting the job done, end up looking good while doing it.

Starman said...

It looks like your toon's gaining weight. What are you feeding her? :D

Anonymous said...

lol you should see my rogue! He's deffinatly an AH king. Thank the shitty graphics and stats on the quest rewards. Right now he looks like a lvl 60 wearing dark blue shadow craft.

Alachia said...

Hey Kaz.. good picks but the pally pally druid combo doesn't give you offensive dispels.

Our favorite pick so far from discussion is

For us though because of what we have available...
-Warrior (Sadin)
-Rogue (Vish)
-Druid (Taint)
-Pally (Felix-we are rolling up our alts)
-Priest (Me)

and if that doesn't work out, I'll either bring in my mage or roll up a pally...ugh. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hello Alachia,

just wanted to say hello and to say I really enjoy your WoWcast podcast! It is definitely the best one out there, you have such an interesting perspective on a lot of things. I can't wait til the next one!


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