Thursday, March 15, 2007

WoWcast Vids: Arena1

So here's my first WoWcast Vid: Arena session.
Please be mindful to respect the privacy of the people you see in this video. I couldn't really edit their names out. :)

Hope you enjoy watching me get pwned!

This is one where we get spanked by a Warrior, Priest, Pally, Mage, Hunter combo.
We went 4-1 this day and this is the 1 we lost. heheh.


Matt Tan said...

The hunter is the fleshiest? I'm hurt.

It's probably true though. Haven't seen a hunter with ~10Khp, priests have that annoying shield thing and mages have iceblock (don't know if fire/arcane mages can have iceblock).

If that's the case, then sounds to me like the hunter was bait...

Do you think going for the mage first, forcing iceblock, would take it out of the match for a while or drop their team's dps?

I guess it doesn't matter too much seeing as you won 4-1 anyway. 8)

Gratz on the wins.

Alachia said...

yup. warlocks and hunters because of their lack of ability to stop pure dps pwnage. no iceblock, no shield, no buble, no bearform..

i think you are right. the hunter probably was bait because that warrior went straight for me.

in cases like that, taint should have cycloned the warrior.

we thought about that strat you mentioned. force the mage to iceblock early and also the pally to bubble early.

for that fight in particular, we should have blinded the warrior, stopped targeting the hunter as the main focus for a few seconds because he was kiting too well..and gone for the priest. and then switched back.

but yeah..that lunar crecent axe man...phewww... damn.. pwnage. any warrior without one should level their blacksmithing up and get one.

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