Friday, January 05, 2007


So my goal is to hit 50 by Sunday. I'm level 45.5 as of last night. Our static party is chaotic right now.
Taint is going on a ski trip from Saturday-Wednesday. Felix went on a 4 day nookie run this past weekend and has 4 levels to catch up to us. Sadin and I work the longest hours so we have to keep treking because the other two can easily catch up. Felix is off from school until the 12th and Taint levels like the wind without us (6 days played on his warrior).

What to do? Where to go? ST run is in order. Maura run is in order.

I can't wait to get to my favorite questing zone. Un'Goro Crater! It's Sadin's most hated questing place and my favorite. So whenever our party goes there, my visit there always gets rushed. heh. I remember the first time I saw Rex. I almost shat my pants. The ground shaking...

60 or bust! Well, I think my odds are better than 50/50!


Anonymous said...

Well 10 days left! Grind central this weekend! And i will have to agree with Sadin, Un'Goro sucks!

Trevor said...

I never had a problem leveling there.

Maclort said...

Noooo no no i hate Un'Goro with a passion. I hate its quests, the mobs, the Fire Elementals, the storylie.

Love Muigin and Larion though, but who can't?

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