Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hilarious Oddities

Here are some pretty funny things I came across in my adventures last night. How funny. Haris Pilton's Pet. lol! We keep coming across stuff like this which indicates that there must have been some pretty goofy nights at the Blizzard development headquarters... I have to figure out how to get the steamy romance novel to add to my collection. Awhile back, Boozefort started sending me some pretty random items like the IWIN button and A Pretty Rock, etc. When I have some free time in the future,I'm going to display my random collection. World of Warcraft Bizzare and Useless but Funny Items! Interestingly, I'll probably end up vendoring all my old epic items but I'll end up keeping the unique grey items. :)


Trevor said...

If only it worked =P

Anonymous said...

Thanks for hangin on to that stuff for me. I am outta bank room what with the whole twill set, the whole light plate set, the whole crochet set, exotic cookbooks, a picture of some gnomes, my v-day dress from last year, my mage disguise, my winter veil disguise, part of the devout set for my priest disguise, not to mention my weapon collection of weapons I used while lvling and now an epic collection of epics that used to be rad. And have you seen that new moldy leather armor set or the loosely threaded sets that drop in Outland? If youre on Boulderfist, and you get a loosely threaded hat, send it to Boozefort. I just love hats.

Starman said...

Oh, crap, Booze...I was just gonna ask you to carry my entire enchanting collection :D.

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