Tuesday, January 30, 2007


StreetChief said...
boo turquoise. as you stated before. sooo when are we gonna hear this new podcast by chance.


lol. Being part of a static party has its setbacks. One of them is dedication to a static schedule and a static goal. In my case, we all want to hit 70 by this Friday. With any luck, we'll hit 69 or very close to it tonight. Then we can all go and do our own thing for awhile. Hitting 70 isn't just about hitting 70 in our case. It's about getting to a level cap, grabbing the flying mount, and then farming up mats to make tons of money for the epic flying mount. hahahaah... No, actually each of us have our own goals post 70. Taint wants to raid, Sadin wants to catch up on movies, Felix wants to farm and memorize all the quests from 60-70, and I want to explore.

Without getting too personal, my life will be seeing some serious changes in the near future. Starting mid February, I plan on kicking up the podcast production and have about 5 shows already outlined. I kind of knew January was going to be hard in terms of production but I hope to start editing Episode 24 content this weekend.

Okay, now go bug Sam. He's been sitting on the New Years show for 3 weeks!


Jarael said...

I can't wait to hear Sam's new years show. He's got a lot of anger to get out for 2007. Hopefully the conversation with Starman and Renata will sway over to porn like TBC show.

G on G

Alachia said...

well. the bulk of it is Starman and Renata and Sam.
Eloy had to leave early due to prior obligations and I don't speak much in groups...and of course, my hard drive started tanking and I had to leave and save what I had recorded.

From what I remember, no G on G action. :(
but who knows, I didn't hear about an hour and a half of the discussion. We could all be suprised!

Anonymous said...

/extension granted.

Good to see we'll be getting new updated material though!

Good luck with hitting 70 by Friday! You can do it! With my fiancee out of town for a night I'll be playing like mad!

Hope all is well, looking forward to new content.

Brian V. (aka Spurlock) said...

On noes! I thought your post 70 plan was to power level a lowly Jae warlock named Spurlok.


Seriously, though, more podcasts? Awesome. Here are some ideas for future shows, I'm sure you love them:

- Trolls. Why are they so cute and cudly?
- Rogues and the 1337 mo'fo's who play them.
- Stop and Smell the Roses. An indepth podcast on every herb node in the game. Complete with x,y coordinates.
- Big Swords. The replacement to sportscars for gamers going through mid-life crisis?
- Adult Diapers. How wearing adult diapers while playing can reduce afk's by 15%.
- Greed and Epic Loot. The Barney complex.
- Life Without Wow. This 15 second podcasts talks about the fact that you can eat, sleep and work when not playing.
- Mana Envy. How rogues and warriors secretly desire to have mana, and the desperate tactics they will go to for an inervate.
- Server Transfers. The drama queen and loot whore's best friend.
- Nerfed. An interview with a nerf football to learn about the pain it feels when people talk about "nerfing" something.
- St. Patrick's day show. Alachia does the entire show using a leprachon voice. In one of the greatest moments in podcasting history, Alachia belts out "When Scrier Eyes are Smiling".
- Out of the closet. Alachia outs some famous closet gamers. In a story that will literally rip apart the fabric of American politics, she exposes the fact that Vice President Dick Cheney, President Bush, Senator Hillary Clinton, and Senator John Kerry and pop star Bono are all officers in a wow guild Trunks&Asses. The guild is made up entirely of Guantanamo Bay detainees. Once, when Senator Clinton and VP Cheney were ganked by some Horde scum, they sent secret service agents to the homes of the offenders to break each of their index fingers. She also reveals how former TV star Sally Struthers actually uses the children in her commercials to farm gold.

I know Starman reads this board. No fair stealing these ideas!

Starman said...

too late. Ren and I will be doing the adult diaper segment.

Alachia said...

OMG Spur! Did you steal my idea book?

"When Scrier Eyes are Smiling"
Classic sh1t!!! hahahahahahaha

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