Tuesday, January 23, 2007


So we have almost completed all of our quests in Zangarmarsh and will probably be heading out to Nagrand soon. Tonight, I figured out something else to do to help dull the numbness of grinding out collection quests..... World Pvp. heheheh. We slaughtered every single horde we came across, alone or grouped or banding together to get us back.
It was weird. I kept expecting us to get our come-upings...but it never happened. I didn't die once tonight. Offensive dispel for the win! Arcane mages are weaksauce. Shit, did I just say weaksauce? doh!

I must say that it is exremely nice to be able to pwn warlords and Tier 3 geared horde now. Now that the gear differential is balanced, we actually stand a chance. It's awesome.

There are 25 level 70 characters on my server now. In less than one week of TBC release. lol! I just keep looking at the 682,300xp to the next level and I'm like...damn...but still prevailing. Must get my flying mount and go flying all over the Outlands. It's going to be breathtaking I bet. :)


Anonymous said...

LOL! Sounds like a nice slice of PwnagePie to me. What was your class combo, for fighting that night :o?

Alachia said...

shadow priest-me

between my mindflay, sadin's charge and intercept, taint's entangling roots, and felix's death coil, none of the horde were able to run away.

it was some serious slaughter. i started feeling pretty bad but when i saw the high warlords going down, i was like....ah yeah, pay back's a bitch. :D

see, proof that alliance are assholes too. ;)

Trevor said...

Ganking is fun thats for sure.

Anonymous said...


Maclort said...

Who needed proof that alliance are assholes?

Did you think of the tiny orc children asking their mummys
"When is daddy coming home, its my birthday today. He was going to take me up stonetalon mountain"

NEVER!! Cause he and his party were slaughtered by merciless alliance

Alachia said...

i know i shouldn't do it...but, here goes..


You think about that when you gank some lowely levelin' 30 priest next time.

She's one day going to grow up, outgear you, and melt your face off mercilessly over and over and over again!

/doing my part to keep the hate alive :)

Alachia said...

actually, here's how it all goes down. I'll gank a horde at least two times and then I usually stop because it's not a challenge anymore and my hate has subsided after the first two kills.

but if a horde is killing my quest mobs when i have 200 more mushroom seeds to collect, it's fair game, open killing field.

you see, i'm reasonable. :)

Trevor said...

When i am bored I play with the horde. I get them to 10% hp and then stop and just stand there to see what they do. If they attack back I kill them, If they go back to what their doing I kill them, but if they don't do anything but a couple emotes then I leave them alone, sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Acting like the stereotypical "WOW punk" that every website likes to mention is the majority in this game. Congratulations. You sure you arent a roleplayer since you seem so obsessed with the whole Horde vs Alliance thing? Me? I'm a gamer. I'm not any faction in real life. I didnt think you would drop to this level, but so much for that. Next time, leave your "ganking leetness pwning" stories out of it. Your podcast and Blog seemed good til this. Do we really need another immature WOW player?

Alachia said...


I'm truly sorry you feel that way. I would implore you to disregard and ignore me from now on. This is who I am. And while I'm sad that who I am offends you, I don't really want to offend you anymore. And I'm not going to change.

I have posted a formal response to your comment in the most recent blog.


just out of curiousity though, what is a mature WoW player? Is it like equivalent to someone who is polite in society and follows the code of most social norms? To treat other with respect? Do unto others and so forth?

Starman said...

Alachia sure doesn't need defending, but I have to say that the anonymous coward above really doesn't understand how WoW works. Part of the fun of the game is making it your own. I'm sorry, but if I'm running around Zangarmash and get one-shotted am I supposed to just feel all warm and fuzzy about it, knowing that a "gamer" got me by surprise? No, I rez up and hunt the fucker down. THAT is role-playing. THAT is what a PvP server is about.

Dalmore said...

It's so nice to see Starman take to a PvP server, I love the reply!!

Alachia said...

nah, it's all good. I guess if I am upset, it's because something I wrote would cause someone to get that upset. I don't write or podcast to make people pissed off. I'm just expressing and sharing my wow story.

but i'd like to thank anony for something though. he/she inspired me to write an episode about pvp. because perhaps i do sound like a 1337 kitty punk. I haven't told my full pvp story. i haven't fully explained my side of what it's like to play on a pvp server and what it really really means to level a character from 1-70 with that kind of dynamic.

there's nothing wrong with PvE servers. They're awesome in fact, because they allow people the ability to play on their own terms and how they want to...which is the point of playing a game. PvP isn't for everyone and I don't expect it to be. It's just another play style.

when someone seriousy says "you should consider rolling a toon on a PvE server" don't get pissed off. If you're not having fun on a PvP server, ie, corpse camped, griefed, repetitive ganking, spending 30+ minutes trying to do a 1 second turn in....then, PvP servers probably aren't going to make you happy and if you're not happy with your WoW play, that sucks.

We all have diffrent play styles. The "I'm a gamer" comment kind of smacks us with, "play like I play or else you're not a gamer". which puzzles me.

anyhow, i'm actually glad for the comment because it really made me dive into the aspects of my PvP play and seriously question what it is about PvP that I love so much. I have created an entire outline which should cover most of the aspects.

send your favorite pvp moment to wowcast@wocast.net


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your mature response. It vindicates you in your description of your PvP adventures. My post was not meant to force anyone to play in any particular style. Players make the game experience what they want it to be. However, my post was made because up until this moment I had no indication or hint that "leet pwning" was part of your "lingo". Maybe I overeacted at being disappointed by a great podcaster. But that's just me. I have never been fond of the terms "leet", "pwning", "raped", etc. I've grown tired of those terms and the immature base that habitually uses them. Gaming has created this culture of immaturity that many online gamers seem to rush to embrace. Not that I am accusing you of using those terms, but the description of your adventures connotes the same. I personally rock bitches wherever I see them, but dont post about it. Maybe that is what I take issue with. Maybe the problem is with me and my expectations. I might have overreacted, and apologize if my manner was insulting in any way. I guess I will just have to live with this new side of you on your podcasts. I'm pretty sure I can handle it. Devildogs are tough. :)

Alachia said...

WoW linguistics is a fascinating topic.

Honest to god, when I first listened to Taverncast I was like. What is 1337???

I get where you are coming from now though. There are several words I hate myself and have never grown comfortable hearing or using.

"f.gg.t" "p.ssy" "c.nt" "raping someone" "agressive statement followed with the word bitch"

And putting myself in your shoes, if I heard Eloysius or Cromley or Renata dropping the words "we raped those f.gs" I'd be devestated too.

so yeah, I guess our thresholds for tolerance are varied.

well, it makes doing a podcast with Sam interesting for sure. :D

Anonymous said...

Starman, you state that Alachia needs no defending. However you SILL decide to make an attempt at defense. Why? It is quite chivalrous of you to make such a gesture, but this is a forum about a video game. Such gestures are not necessary as she is a more than capable gamer, writer, and speaker. There is no need for verbal spats or insults. I also ask that you think before you write to someone you do not know. I have heard your podcast and you do not strike me as someone prone to random insults or outbursts. Before you choose to throw the word coward at people I suggest you think before acting. This is a public forum, and as such I care not to create a point for "undesirables" to spam me with God knows what. This is why I choose to be Anonymous. As to my being a coward...that is your opinion. I sincerely hope you do not talk to strangers in such a manner as you might find yourself quite embarassed by what you say.

Maclort said...

Wow this topic kinda flew at a tangent.
Question: Whats a stereotypical 'WoWPunk'?
And what websites mention them :S

I personally hate the term 'Got r*ped etc.'

Starman said...

The term "anonymous coward" is from slashdot.com. When someone posts anonymously, the name comes up as "Anonymous Coward". I'm sorry if you felt it was insulting, but it's an internet phrase like "leet" which I guess people get all bent out of shape with.

I'm just confused, you tell me to think before I say things to people I don't know, but did you not do the exact same thing?

Anonymous said...

God. How lame.

If you're not interested in reading about somones ventures into PvP, then I would have thought a blog titled "Gankarmarsh" would be a good place to stop.

There are elements of this game, some enjoy, some don't, a blog is a place of expression, for the writer regardless of whether you had certain expectations of that person .
If that expression is one where they can gloat over the utter destruction of their enemy, so be it.

I think you forget that there many ways to enjoy this game, and if one of those ways is sitting ontop of a pile of scorched horde bodies then show some respect toward the OP.

This is a blog about Alachia's WOW Life, if you're going to post a comment then atleast make it a positive one.

After all, you speak about immaturity.. hell dude we play video games. What do you think 90% of those aged over 40 think of us?

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