Thursday, January 25, 2007

Where Have All the Alliance/Horde gone?

I've been monitoring the census of my server for some time now. When we first started on Boulderfist, the population was about 60% Alliance, 40% Horde. Last month, it was 58% Horde, 42% Alliance. After The Burning Crusade release, it is now 63% Horde, 37% Alliance. A complete flip from when the server first opened. That's a 1:7 ratio.

But I also checked to see wht top guilds are left on our server. Almost all of the top PVP raiding and PVE raiding guilds no longer exist on Boulderfist. If you've seen something similar on your server, there's actually a reason for this.

The growing trend before the TBC release was for all of the hardcore PVP raiding and PVE raiding guilds to transfer their characters to a low population/new server. This allows them a serious, serious advantage to continue with their pvp and pve raiding goals.

You see, in new servers and low pop servers, it's like candy for these guilds. They own it. They have little to no one to compete with for quests and can xp grind themsevles to 70 with limited competition. At least that's what I've heard as testimonial from people who are actually in guilds doing it. Those guys are probably already running Karahzan (10 man) and Black Temple(25 man) and all the other level 70 instances. :D

If you're curious about your realms census: here's a good site

My favorite part is to watch the level distribution change over time and to see which classes remain the most popular.



Trevor said...

The realm census is also regulated by those who use it. Maybe only 2 people on your server alliance side use it yet 4 on the horde side us it(times those number by maybe a hundred to get a better figure). So it records more horde then alliance. The census isn't very accurate because not a lot of people use it.

Also you don't check your wowcast mail to often =P

Alachia said...

Yes I do. All the time. What do you mean?

I respond to every email I get. :)

If I haven't, it's probably because something jacked up with my email client. :( sorry..

Trevor said...

=P I replied to the email you sent me and you never replied. Did you get the soundtrack?

Anonymous said...

I have a few possible explanations for the population shift. My first theory is called the dragon slayer phenomenon. Throughout the ages, dragons have attracted brave adventurers from all parts of the universe. These adventurers, eager to prove their mettle and hoping for a shot at immortality, seek to challenge the dragon. Most perish, but those that succeed are the stuff of legends.

It is much the same with Alachia on Boulderfist. Horde listeners on other realms hear how this JAdE dragon has ravished the Horde on the Boulderfist realm. Like iron to the loadstone, they are drawn to her. They transfer or roll up new characters in order to challenge themselves against this mythical elite creature. Each hoping to be mentioned on the podcast as the “horde who ganked me.”

These horde, like most dragon slayers, will find their dreams seared away under the painful fiery breath of the beast they seek to conquer. All their pain and toil shall be for naught.

My other theory is that the alliance are leaving because they are tired of hardcore wowcast listeners spamming “IS ALACHIA ON AS AN ALT RIGHT NOW?” in general chat. Or, am I the only one that does that?


Alachia said...

Spur, HAR HAR HAR! Although, I think many upon many of horde have been able to say they've slain meh sorry ass. :D ie. the level 70 shaman dropping down from the sky last night and electrocuting me on site. then they circled the skies like vultures. hehehe. damn shamans.

Trev, yeah. replies to a reply take a bit more time to get to because of the nature of growth in the correspondence, if that makes any sense. less generic, more thought process. so those take awhile to get around to. it's a comin'!

Trevor said...

ok =P Beware the Mage with PoM, Pyro, and slow fall. I have fell to a Mage only once with that though. All the other times I vanished =P

Alachia said...

i heard warriors can actually intercept during free fall... can you imagine that!???? a freaking warrior intercepting you from the air??!

roxy said...
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