Monday, January 29, 2007

Blade's Edge of Reason

As soon as I hit Toshley's Station in Blade's Edge Mountain, I knew we were going to have some fun. There were a couple of quests that I thought were super creative and hella fun. It's this gnome-run alliance town with cool gidgets and gadgets and crazy machines everywhere.
Test Flight was the first one we attempted. You speak to this guy and he has you test out his flying machine. Next thing you know, you're zapped into his machine and thrown into the air! He has you do this several times after the initial test but you have to sign Tally's Waiver before he has the machine take you to different parts of Blade's Edge.
We flew all over the place and once you get the hang of where the places are, you use them like a free flight to quest zones. At one point, there was an additional quest you get from one town to take the flying machine and use this turning top which spins you while you're flying.
Ride the Lightning was another one of my favorite quests here because you use this Repolarized Magneto Sphere to create a bubble around you and you absorb lightning strikes from Scalewing Serpents. We felt like we were bouncing in giant bubbles. After a few seconds though, we realized Taint could root one and get all the lightning strikes from one serpent while we started to gather the rest of the quest! Fun with Efficiency. :D
As you can see, mine is the dark shadowy bubble. Everyone else's was a bright turqoise.


Anonymous said...

boo turquoise. as you stated before. sooo when are we gonna hear this new podcast by chance.

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