Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Netherstorm: Biodome!

I was pretty excited when we finally hit the Eco-Sphere. It was spectacular and gorgeous and the contrast between the lusciousness of the bio-garden extravaganza from the harsh crackling barren outer area made it even more intriguing. Inside the Eco-Sphere, you gather flowers, collect pelts from lynxs, and hunt down crocs. It was a nice retreat from the rest of Netherstorm.
We also thought this NPC was pretty funny. If you guys can remember the movie Biodome, Paully Shore was one of the main actors. hehehe. Good to see the sense of humor persisting.

Having a druid in your party is pretty awesome. Taint uses his flight form to do a ton of scouting for us which helps speed up the questing x10. He finds collection items, rare spawned mobs, and tracks horde. hehehe.
Yeah, these horde decided to gank us while we were fighting mobs. We were a little dissoriented and made the huge mistake of not targeting the Shammy first. He actually went down from Felix's DOTs but he ankhed right away. So we ran back to our bodies, Taint took to the skies, located them, and we gave them a little payback. Twice. :)
So as of tonight, I have 465,677XP left till 70. Felix might come up to Austin this Friday so we can all hit 70 here and then go out and celebrate. Mexican Martinis on the house!
Please send all your gold to Alachia so she can just buy her epic flying mount. hehehe.. I wish. I've decided I want the epic flying mount and want to skip the regular to save money. But who knows how that'll go. Must figure out a way to make a quick 6.5k.



Anonymous said...

Hehe.. good luck on getting that 6.5k.. I had a hard enough time with just the regular epic mount, back when the prices were higher. D:

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