Sunday, January 28, 2007


We almost missed this zone for some reason. We were so busy moving onto Nagrand that we didn't realize there a million more quests in Terokkar to do first. Quite a bit of collection quests but completely worth doing. We gained an entire level in one night just by burning through the Terokkar quests. The entire zone was like being in a Dark Crystal movie with strange bird men, glowing moth creatures, and gigantic spiders.
I must say though, the game developers certainly have a much darker tone in The Burning Crusade Expansion. Many of the quests are pretty disturbing if you think about them. There was this one quest we had to rescue children out of cages. Apparently the birdmen wanted to eat them. :) Something straight of Blair Witch or Hansel and Gretel. lol. Also, there have been serveral quests before this that we did where had to burn bodies to give them a proper burial. Burn bodies? And right before we left Terokkar, we had quest called Crakin' Some Skulls where you had to go around and go retrieve some debts from people....basically, you murdered people and collected money off their dead corpse....Hehehe. There was something similar to this in STV where you punished the debtors by taking off their feet and thumbs. Morbid. :D
I found this kick ass skunk in Terokkar as we were doing a quest to diguise ourselves as orcs. Don't we all look pretty hideous? I followed the skunk around for awhile to try and see if he sprayed you. He doesn't. I find these attention to details in the game make it more immersive. If you pay close enough attention, you can spot animals in the forest fighting each other to the death. Pretty soon, we'll all be standing around two cocks in a pen going at it, betting 100g a fight. :P
Something we discovered Friday night was a quest called Ring of Blood. It's at the AT arena in Nagrand near Laughing Skull Ruins. It's a 6 part quest that ends totalling in 11.5g and 14500xp, plus tons of health and mana pots. The quest rewards were sick! I got the Battle Mage's Baton. If you check out the stats, it's pretty damn equivalent to Staff of Shadow Flame which you get in Black Wing Layer off of Nefarian (end boss). Taint got his druid the Staff of Beasts and Sadin got his warrior the Honed Voidaxe....weird to think Ashkandi's would one day be vendor trash. :(
So Yes, thanks to The Burning Crusade, two weeks after you hit level 60, you can find yourself wearing and carrying things you would have had to raid 5 months for. It's exciting and not only that, but everytime you think you got something amazing or truly epic for your level, the next quest reward pops up...and it's OMG, that kicks even more arse! We were totally shocked when were checking our stats. Taint has over 11,000HP with party buffs in bear form. Felix and I have over 16% crit chance with our dps gear on! Back in my days as the mage, I had about 3% crit chance with Tier 1 and Tier 2 gear on.
But that's not to say we're obsessing over loot yet...just shocked and amazed and enjoying it for the time being. I'm just so glad to be grinding XP in new content. I'll keep saying it over and over again, the artistic direction of TBC is soooo to my taste. I keep wanting to just stop and look around and stare at different features. Of course, pausing isn't really compatible with our play style, we simply move too fast. When I try to take screenshots, I always lose the group and then I hear over vent "Where's Alachia? What are you doing!?" hehehe. OH well... next character will be for the gawking and admiring. :) WE don't play WoW for the content, we play it for the XP grind right? lol! okay...joking. Seriously, even if you are mechanically grinding out the xp, don't forget to look's pretty amazing. You might find a vortex. When I hit 70, I'm going to try and fly to those floating islands. :D 3 more levels to go!


Anonymous said...

Sounds fun, I wish I was 60.. or even 50 would do :(.

Unknown said...

Our party did the ring of blood quests yesterday, and they where kick-ass. The only thing that annoyed us was that every was trying to get the different stages of the quest from this one Goblin, and you had to rush to click him if you wanted the next followup.

And yes, the Arakkoa are straight out of Dark Crystal.. did you notice their capital city is called Skettis? (Skeksis? ;))

Also enjoyed the Dune references in the South of Terokar, with the different worm quests. And their dagger rewards: Dib'Muad's knife? lol

The Draeneo quest in the tomb of light was still bugged as of yesterday.

And yah.. I replaced my BWL-level daggers with blues, in fact the reward from the Ring of Blood is now my main (I'm a Rogue).. I dont think its amazing though. In 6 months time, it will all be the same again. The majority of the people will walk around with the epic rep or pvp reward daggers..but the very best willbe hard to get, from Kharazan, or Hiyal and the like, the hard instances. And once again, 80% of the players will likely never get to that really end-game content.. the status quo will be restored ;)

Alachia said...

interesting observations to the referrences. I'm probably missing half of them as we go along. :)

Yeah, The Tomb of Light quest is still bugged for us too as of yesterday.

I can't remember which quest though, but we aslo each got little remote control cars (10 charges) which I promptly stuck in my bank. heh. I think when I hit 70, I'll try to drive them over the edges of the world.

I think you're right about the level cap and the loot distribution hitting a major fluctuation once again. However, I'm almost positive that you'll never again see that much of a differential between players as it was pre-TBC. 25 man raiding is completely doable for a lot of casual players. It may take them a few months longer or so...but who knows, we'll see.

I'm really really looking forward to the 10 man epic dungeons.

Anonymous said...

I've been questing in the Terokkar forest for a few nights now and I'm loving it!

1/2 way to 65! I know I'm slow! But, unlike you Alacia I take the time to smell the roses, or skunks in certain cases.

Hope all is well!


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