Friday, January 05, 2007

Cafe Do Brasil

Just got back from a two hour lunch. The bosses are out of town so all the lads and gals (9 of us) here opted to go to a small brazillian restaurant just a block away. Perks for working downtown. Its located at 200 San Jacinto Blvd. Next to PF Changs, Mongolian BBQ, and the gay bar called CockPit.

It was quiet colorful little place owned by a guy named Renato. He was hilarious. AND he gives all of his customers free potent alcoholic capreneas. I'm not sure what it had in it. Sugar, lime, and some serious alcohol. I took two sips and gave the rest to my co-worker.

We sat outside. it's like 70s in Austin today. Really, Really awesome day.

Renato comes out and says "okay. what we gonna do for you today? I have enough food for 50 people. I know it's only 10 of you but I have enough for 50. I gotta black bean soup with rice and collard greens with a touch of bacon and sausage served with a fresh slice of orange. okay. how many of you want that?!" we all raise our hands.

"you see, I treat all my customers like family. I don't need no advertisements. You treat them good, they always come back."

he even gave us free deserts. a tray full of flan, figs, tres leches, and rasberry fudge cake.

"obrigado, renato!" - that means thank you in portuguese

I think I'll be stopping there for lunch more often.

While we were waiting for the check, a woman comes up with a video recorder asking if any of us wants to be in a documentary for the sundance film festival 2008. The documentary was about Christians and Homosexuality.
Makes sense as we were right next to the Cockpit.

None of us really had any commentary for her but she did interview one of my co-workers because he was a messianic jew.
He's a funny guy and was very tongue and cheek about the whole thing. It was all very spontaneous.

Sorry, none of this has to do with WoW. BUT as I was standing in the small little Cafe Do Brasil checking out the red walls, the colorful bottles of water on the tables... there was this kid sitting at table. And as I was leaving to go sit outside with my group, I heard him say something about hunters and attack power and I kind of stopped in my tracks. Then I thought it would be rude to listen in on his convo so I walked on by.

heh. kinda WoW related... oh well. I tried. Getting back to work after these types of lunches is almost impossible.


Trevor said...

Here is something about wow for you, Nerf hunters

Alachia said...

hahaha.. thanks mr. anonymous.

hows the monitor working out for ya? at leaast 5 people in JAE have the VX922.

Nerf shamans.

Trevor said...

Your welcome =P I love my monitor. My computer has WoW running at 100% and almost all the time 60 fps. Even when frapsing.

Yeah nerf shamans while you at it.

And buff rogues, cause we all know rogues need it.

And I am serious about the license plate. Go for WOW4TW.

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