Friday, January 12, 2007

WoWcast Episode 23 Notes

Uber frustration on my equipment as usual. My mic/headset went out and I had to use a secondary one..and well. it had its glitches which I discovered too late. There's a lot of weird burst mic boosts so please forgive me for that. I appologize immensely!

Here are the links mentioned in Episode 23. enjoy!

Green Linen T-shirt

+15 Frost Resistance Beanie

Epic Loot T-shirt

Video Games Live

The Burning Crusade Trailer

Starman dings 40!


Anonymous said...

4 days played at level 50? Damn, that is some hella fast levelling. I'm currently working on my 7th 60 (troll mage)...hoping to hit 60 before expansion, and I'm progressing at a faster rate than any of my previous toons. I thought I was doing good (7 days 15 hours at level 57). You guys are machines.

Alachia said...

pvp server actually slows you're leveling down. we hit felwood this weekend and it really slowed us down. i had like 22 horde kills in an hour. it was rough. :)

5 days played now.. level 55

almost 56.... not sure if we're gonna make now. :(

Anonymous said...

Hey good show for the new year =)

Thanks! for the lvl tips!

Anonymous said...

i'm glad your taking my advice and beggining to try and get to know our soon to be shaman buddies.

Unknown said...

Great show mate also your friend was wrong the name of the quest for Ice Barbed Spear it is Korrak the Bloodrager for alliance and for horde it is the Legend of Korrak. Proving Grounds Is for the Stormpike/Frostwolf Trinkets. Grats on your shows sucess.

Matrevir 60 Shaman Deathwing server

Alachia said...

thanks for the corrections!

also, there seems to be some misconception as to who did the shaman piece with me. it was a friend of our named Shade.

He's been nothing but shammy-lovin' since we all started playing.

Felix, myself, and Sadin hated shamans..still do to a degree. :)

Our newest vile enemy is the warlock. dot dot dot, fear, dot dot dot, fear, die, use soulstone, dot, dot, dot, fear.


Anonymous said...

Hey what was the comment about the tab kill nerf? I wasn't sure what that was referring to...

Alachia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alachia said...

i think he said tap kill nurf. I'm not exactly sure what he's referring to either. I knew about the aoe nurf. He might be referring to the person being power leveled "tapping" the mobs and then the mage aoe-ing for the kill.

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