Thursday, January 11, 2007

ST Continued...

I tend to like Sunken Temple a lot because of all the dragons, especially the dreaming one, he's a good challenge. But another one of my favorite parts is when you have to open up these shrines in a certain order and everyone stands on a different platform. If you don't open it in the right order, you get attacked. hehehe. Then you drop down and fight the boss.

Ding 52! Oye...8 more to go.


Trevor said...

Yeah, Sunken Temple is a really beautifully scripted place.

Maclort said...

I like it but I never knew you got attacked if you didn't do the statues in the right order. I was told you can just do them again, wow good thing Atlas is still around.
Do yout think youll get eight levels by Tuesday? :S

Alachia said...

I sure hope so. Taint seems to think we can get to 60 by this weekend.

I calculated it out. In order for that to happen, we'll have to be 53.5 by tonight and 55.5 by friday night.

Then get 55-58 on saturday and 59-60
by sunday.

Once you hit level 55 in WoW, getting xp tends to go like butter because of all of the high amounts of xp. Plus, scholo, undead and live strat, ubrs, lbrs, and dire maul yield uber xp.

So here's hoping! (fingers crossed)

Trevor said...

Because of the LFG tool for some reason no one uses it and groups on my server are non existent. /cry

The lfg and lookingforgroup channel are empty. ITS HORRIBLE!

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