Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Level 70 in 28 Hours

I know this link is going to be tossed around a million times today but thanks Jdun for posting it to me!

Gullerbone, a 24 year-old French WoW player, reached level 70 at 4:04am on January 17, 2007. He is believed to be the world's first....... read the rest of the article here

He had 40 guild mates helping him around the clock but physically played the character himself the entire time. He used the mage class.

so....I play roughly 40 hours per week
say it takes me 4x as long cuz I don't have 40guild members helping me....
28x4=112 hours played for 70
112/40= 2.8 weeks (roughly three weeks with no break)

Of course, we don't have our 60-70 mapped out so it might take longer....who knows!


Wingscribe said...

Great for him, I guess...but now what is he supposed to do???

I guess I was never one of those "have to do it first" kind of people, but I have to think about what would really be left for him...

It seems kind of like watching a movie that you waited years for, and watched the whole thing on fast forward...

But I have yet to even reach 60...and I suppose that there will be a level 80 cap by the time I get near 70...

...Casual players FTW!!!

Anonymous said...

Alachia, I think you should respec your rogue to subtlety. The new patch buffed subtlety too much, now it's overpowered. Shadowstep is way too good of a move to miss (40 pts in subtlety to get)
Attempts to step through the shadows and reappear behind the target, and for the next 10 seconds after you shadowstepped, you get a 20% more dmg bonus on your next ambush, backstab, or garrote. 20 second cooldown, and you shadowstep someone from 20 yards away.

And I'm surprised you didn't know how to get the ice barbed spear from that AV quest.

And what your friend said about hunters getting the bloodseeker, they shouldn't get the bloodseeker, they should get the ice barbed spear instead because of the bonuses it gives, and it's the best melee weapon for a hunter that they can get at that lvl. I recommend blookseeker for your rogue, because there isn't anything better on the reward list for a rogue than the bloodseeker.

Anonymous said...

i think we should band together and order a giant blanket for alachia. and maybe some hot cocoa. and we can do her job for her too... ready to work anyone?

Anonymous said...

Nah, got TBC. kek

Alachia said...

hahahahaha....i could never play a character that got power leveled like's no fun the easy way!


but I'll take the cocoa and blanky!

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