Sunday, January 07, 2007

Are We There Yeti?

Ding 50. Vampiric Touch FTW! I'm loving loving loving the priest. Shadow Mages are the shit. This weekend we covered tanaris, hinterlands, searing gourge, ferelas, stv, ZF, Maura, and badlands. 10 days to BC, 10 levels to go.

Things I learned:
1. Shadowpriest + Warlock = complete destruction
2. Priest will get 10+ whispers an hour for instance runs
3. Why Heal when you can do damage and heal at the same time!
PWP (power word pain)+ VE (vampiric embrace) + MF (mindflay)+ occasional renew
4. Flash Drink Flash Drink Flash Drink!

Now that I have VT (vampiric touch), I suspect I'll have to drink less.

okay....time for more Un'Goro!


I also learned a few months ago that you can mount on the boat for easy take-off.
you just have to find the sweet spots. there are about 4. One on the box, one on the netting, one on the stairs, and one at the edge of the boat. :D


Maclort said...

Woo! Sounds fun.
Do you think yoll make it?
I got my mage at 57 now and im wondering if ill make it lol. But I do have exams the next two weeks... and one on the 16th for three hours! How am i gonna be able to think coherently.

Well good luck!
TBC we eagerly await you

Anonymous said...

Grats. I'm huffin' my way to 60 myself. Only 38.75 grrrr!

Anonymous said...

Its a bird, its a plane, its...Alachia on her way to 60. I bet all your listeners would love it if you actually did a recording of when you hit 60.

If you ever take a ride on a Zeplin, you can also mount in at least one spot. Of course the spot that I know about is at the very front of the ship. If you move too far, the 1st step is a doozy.


Anonymous said...

Hey Alachia

Here's a tip for playing a shadow priest with a lock in your party. Make a hotkey to spam your lowest rank Power Word Pain. You'll need the shadow weaving ability as well.

When fighting a mob, spam that hotkey to dot the mob and build up shadow weaving till it hits 5. You'll use a tiny bit of mana and buff the lock's dots to max. I use that strategy whenever I'm in the battlegrounds or fighting bosses. Makes them die in a heartbeat.

Alachia said...

woot. thanks for the tip! i will try that out tonight fo' sure!!!!

I'll try to record my dinging 60 but honestly, it's never been that exciting. almost every time i have dinged 60, i've been in an instance and in the middle of a large mob pull. Although it would be pretty funny if i dinged just as i as going OOM and was able to save the whole party because of it. (yes that has happened many times before)

Anonymous said...

Nice. Have you discovered the joys of Mind Control yet? You're on a PvP server I believe so it should be interesting.

Go stand in the Molten span on the chain and wait for a Horde to walk that chain. MC him and toss his goofy butt into the lava.

Wash, rinse, repeat :-)

Anonymous said...

I did something similar to a flagged dwarf who was getting his jollys killing the quest giver at the great lift. Mind controlled his ass and threw him off the cliff. Very satisfying.

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