Sunday, January 21, 2007

Slave Pens

Friday, we ran the Slave Pens instance in the Zangarmarsh Coilfang Resevoir. Nifty little place. You basically start swimming into this resevoir in the marsh and go into this drain pipe. When you come, up you have several options as to which instance you want to run.
We did Slave Pens and Underbog this weekend.We did the first two bosses in Slave Pens as a four man (felix-warlock, taint-druid, sadin-warrior,and me-priest). Then we came upon some really shitty crowd control mobs. At that point, Boozefort joined our party and we were able to get to the last boss. Sleep, Fear lock, Seduce FTW!

I really love the entire feel and look of the area. Zangarmarsh reminds me of a beautiful ad for allergy medicine. hahah j/k. Just tons and tons of spores and blooms everwhere!! All the creatures look half allergenic and half alien! Very very lovely place to quest and do instances. Shrooms everywhere. But I mostly love how the light comes in through the tree of mushrooms and the tiny glow of radiated fungi.

Slave pen itself was massive. I didn't read the backstory at all of course. But I think it's called the Slave Pen because there are a bunch of boggish creatures used by lobster mobs as slaves. hahahah.

The boss encounters weren't hard at all. I think we found more difficulty with the 5 mob trash pulls than the actual bosses. One thing we noticed a lot was that the slaves would come and help the mobs until they died and then run away....unless they were too far away when the mob died. So if you DPS down the mob first, you won't have to deal with the slaves.

Rokmar The Crackler dropped the Coilfang Hammer of Renewal for us, same as what Drew linked in the blog reply. I passed it to Taint though since he's our main healer (druid). I mostly wear DPS gear now while we're instancing except if things get hairy or Taint dies. I also found out that if you're honored with Cenarian Expedition, you can buy this equivalent mace, Preserver's Cudgel, for 35g. Which imo, it's like a one handed benediction staff so totally worth it.

For DPS right now, I have equiped Zangartooth Shorblade. I still need a decent off-hand. Oh well, in due time.

So we turned on Damage Meters this weekend. It's a fun little mod I love. We all compete for DPS and Healing. It's kinda cool because it always kicks things up a notch. As a Shadow Priest, I do almost half as much of the healing as the Druid. My damage output (pure dmg, no dispels or healing during the fight) is sickening. I rival the warlock! Of course, once I start with dispels and having to come out of shadow form to help heal, the dps drops :( hehehe. But I find the damage output fascinating nonetheless. With COS up, full shadowweaving and misery, Felix and I slice through mobs like butter!

This is a pic of us at the last boss, Quagmirran. He humps you and shits out poison, no joke. 2.5K Nature DMG AOE. hehehe. Doesn't he look like the alien from the movie Alien? I guess a Blizz designer is into HR Giger too. Giger FTW. I love his work. I'm sure everyone knows this but if you free the NE in the cage next to him and kill the mobs that come, he'll give you a nature buff to help with the Quagimirran fight.

We also ran the Underbog a couple of times. Another kick ass instance. But I'll make a sep. post about that tomorrow. For now, this is Act I of TBC Weekend I. :)

As for the podcast.. many days do you think I can not go into work and still have a job? LOL. I wish! Between trying to get to lvl 70 and working, I'll do my best! Hope everyone had a good WoW weekend!.....Monday FTL. :(


Wingscribe said...

I am with you on "having a case of the Mondays" but I guess you have to have that job to make WoW that much sweeter...

If you had the option to stay home and play all day (i.e money not being an issue) then would it be as sweet???

Anonymous said...

Back at work again for me today as well.

Just getting into the Marsh myself, pretty cool place like you said.

Still waiting for that podcast, but, with the expansion I'm sure I'll be waiting for a while ;)

Hope all is well!


Maclort said...

I hated questing in that place, was all dark and damp looking and eurgh, i just left it.
But i really enjoyed doing the Underbog. Entrance sounds similar (water pipe thingy) but I didnt see any other entrance that would have been the slave pens. Can't wait to try it out though. For more amazin armor!
Greens that are replacing epix. <3

Anonymous said...

We cleared the Underbog last night, now finally the instances are getting challenging. First boss was pretty easy, just have to keep moving to avoid his mushrooms. Second boss was all about positioning, went down fast. Third was interesting, the boss itself was pvp flagged. You need to bring down his pet to like 10% then you can fight the boss. Cool fight. The last boss was cool, had to run away whenever he cast chain lightening or the party took mega damage and got this dot on them that increased the lightening damage.

I <3 these new 5 mans!!!

Anonymous said...

Damn, I hate you all; I've been leveling a D shaman. 28 so far, so not too shabby.

Do you think I'd be ganked alot being in the first wave of Draenei (esp. being a shaman) in Outlands? Maybe my crazy /dance will entertain them enough to let me live.


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