Sunday, January 14, 2007

Martin Thunder

Boozefort linked this in guild today. We thought it was pretty hilarious.
Looks like a light saber!

Ding 58! My brain is total mush. If I ever see another carrion grub, I'm going to puke! We finished up the linken's quest, finished up winterspring, western plaugeland, and eastern plaguelands and the scholo key. There's this new escort quest in Chillwind to escort the Draenei Truuen to Uther's tomb that starts with the quest The Mark of the Lightbringer. Close to 14,000xp total. And super easy!

Tomorrow we hit the instances maybe...and then at midnight...we head to Game Stop to pick up The Burning Crusade!!!!! woot! woot!

Alachia needs a well deserved nap soon!


Maclort said...

WTB Lightsabre!
I just did the horde equivelant to the Uther quest, but for us we had to 'Defile his tomb' which i felt so guilty about, i thought Uther rocked in the warc series lol.
I want to buy TBC at midnight :(

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