Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blade's Edge

You start to get to the good part of Blade's Edge Mountain when you come across R3DO which by the way is subtle but funny. At this point, it's pretty apparent that the terrain is a little more complex than most zones. It is a "mountain" after all, so there's a lot of ramping up to zones and ramping down. We thought this might be a pretty big pain in the arse but because of the flying machine, it was pretty easy. Just be sure to set your hearthstone to Toshley's inn. From there, you can get to most of the major zones by being zapped in the machine. :D

When we first zoned into Blade's Edge, I heard a couple of the guys talk about how they hoped this wasn't just another desolace or badlands. I was kind of anxious myself having just quested through areas like Zanger and Nagrand. I was afraid that this zone would end up as the "not so interesting zone".... far from it.

These Station Agents were funny. They look so serious.

And even if the zone isn't that visually interesting for you as Nagrand might have been, the quests more than make up for it. We all got to turn ourselves into Draenei for awhile with an Overseer Disguise for a quest to talk to some Draenei. You collect costume scraps (5) and can make them. We had fun /dancing and Taint was able to retain the Draenei form while in flying form. So he looked like a flying Draenei. Try it out if you have a level 68 druid. It's pretty funny. I called him Mary Poppins. He called himself Neo. lol!

Sometimes I wish I had time to read the lore or even half of the quests. We see things as we're steam rolling through everything and it makes me wonder about the intention of things.....like as we were looking up over a land form bridge, there was a dragon head hanging from it...kind of like onyxia and nef in stormwind. Then as I was flying out of Blade's Edge, I noticed all these dragons on the mountain spike edges. Like the landform was meant to keep enemy dragons from invading the area. I'm positive there's an explanation for it all but no time except to just speculate...which is okay in my book as well. We make up some pretty wild stories for things on our own.

We finished the Blade's Edge zone last night and now we move onto Netherstorm. I have absolutely no idea what it's like but I can't wait to see it. Tonight we're doing a quest line that ends with Nexus-King Salhadaar which will yeild me this lovely Ameer's Impulse Taser. Yummy! I wonder if it really acts like a taser. :D


Anonymous said...

yeah no doubt those dragons are sweet. nice pics btw. i wonder if you dismount on the spikes do you get trapped in some wierd little nook and cranny? or is it enough room to slide down and die.

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