Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Blood Furnace

We ran our second instance in TBC today. The Blood Furnace, second instance in Hellfire Citadel!
A lot more visually interesting than I've seen in a long time. I got some more upgrades....I swear, it's like everything I get one day gets replaced the next so I'm going to start carrying around a rotating backup gear set.

It's kind of nice because we're actually geared up enough now to contend with the high level tier 2 and GM geared horde.
I got me this spankin new mace! Diamond-Core Sledgemace and Bloody Surgeon's Mitts on boss drops in Blood Furnace. Since Taint is main healer on his druid right now, I've been pretty much only spot healing and throwing up shields. I do a ton of healing through vamperic embrace. So now I'm focusing more on intellect and spell damage gear. I have to hurt more to heal more! mwahahhaha. I love being both evil and good.

So far the instances have been completely doable. I like the pace a lot. We pretty much chain pull every mob until we get to the boss. I'm dying dying dying for a mage to conjure me the equivalent to draenic water because my crystal water is NOT cutting it for my flash drinking style. I had to go spend 65s per 5 stack of filtered draenic water because the other just wasn't cutting it.

Check out Felix's new staff! It's so pretty! And check out my totally psychadelic shirt and pants!!! Trippy ain't it? The offhand I'm carrying was a quest reward that gives +20 to heals and spell dmg. I bet I'll get a better one tomorrow. heheh.
Also, I dinged 61!

Something of note: You can train up your class abilities and spell EVERY level now, not just even levels. Tres cool! I learned a new smite and new flash heal...both spells I don't use much but still... At least we have something to look forward to every level!


Anonymous said...

Is that the spirit of aquamentas OH? Speel chek.

Legendary OH imo, baha.

Anonymous said...

Blood Furnace was great, but the server crashed just as we got to the last boss.

Alachia said...

the last boss was a joke for some reason. crap, i better not say that. the last time someone said a boss was a joke, hakkar ended up getting buffed to hell. heh.

it's a neat fight though because five mobs are streaming rays in the shape of a pentagram. you go in and they all agro. then the boss comes and his main thing is a giant aoe...but as long as you get out of his way before it casts, you're fine.

Alachia said...

yeah, the OH is The Spirit of Aquementas

it'll do for now until I get a better spell dmg/int staff.

Trevor said...

I can't wait till my CE gets here. FTW

Should get it tomorrow or so. Netherwhelp > all other pets

Anonymous said...

Even Mini Diablo? It blows fire! I chose the panda on my first toon, and all it did was sleep. It suited though, since I was a hunter. Guess I was expecting it to dance or something.

Diablo all the way now... on every toon.

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