Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Patch Notes 2.0.3

Thanks for the link Starman...

I swear, it's like whatever class I'm playing at the time never has any revamps. Nothing much for priests at all.

hahahahhaa.... and so the warlock nurf begins...

- Melee damage of "Felguard" has been reduced.

They can nurf everything, but not my thistle tea!!!! Nooooooooo!!!!

- The energy gained from "Thistle Tea" now decreases with levels past 40.


Anonymous said...

I hope they have added a new plant and recipe in TBC which takes the place of swift thistle and Thistle Tea and regenerates 100% of our energy. Has anyone heard anything about this?

The biggest disappointment to me is no more chain Blinding or chain CoS for that matter.

but hey I'm a rogue, I stab people in the back for a living so I can't complain :P


Alachia said...

my rogue was a tea whore. free energy ftw! diminshed returns? FTL!!! boooo.

i think you're right though. i bet they'll have a new plant in TBC.

Trevor said...

They have it planned but not released yet(new tea). I actually never use thistle tea.

Anonymous said...

Eh, well it sounds about time that warlocks got a nerf, everyone I've known, or heard talk about fighting them says it's game over the minute they fear you... I've yet to experience that... yet :P

Lots and lots of changes for Druids, the ones I read when I skimmed through seemed like it's all a pretty big buff for erm, especially for feral.

Can't wait to see what BC might bring to the game, in regard to class changes :o

Matt Tan said...

I haven't yet had a problem with the Felguard. FD ftw. and fears? TBW double ftw!

Maclort said...

Good thing I didnt buy the expensive enchant formulas like crusader. Looks like they will majorly go down in value and popularity.

Also 'Warlock pet "Felguard" will now use the appropriate sounds.' - Dam right its about time, the Succubus sounds when you popped out this big guy was ever so _slightly_ disturbing.

Maclort said...

I hate to double post, but something I just realised - I totally get TBC hours before you all :D
Not that itll be playable but still. And yay everyone they have signings... in Calofornia -.-
Although saying that, shops over there will probably open at midnight to sell?
I sincerely doubt any over here would, i haven't seen any fuss at all.

But do you guys have patch 2.0.3 already? We still havent gotten it.
(European Servers)

Alachia said...

yup. we have 2.0.3 it was a 198mb patch...or thereabouts. it's a little flaky it seems. weird stuff is happenin' to my interface.

like target portrait is all jacked. i assume it will get fixed by tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

For all those who didnt get the cool AD tabard during the invasion get another shot with the new patch. Go to blasted lands and do the quest at the gate! SWEET!!

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