Sunday, January 28, 2007

Epic "Looking"

I'm impressed. The mobs are far more epic "looking" in The Burning Crusade. Some of them look like they're going to mangle you just by looking at you. However, we've found they've got more bark than bite. The mobs you summon for quests end up being pretty weak actually in regards to attack power and HP. The only mob we encountered so far that gave us a run for our money was the snot guy, Durn The Hungerer. We were four-manning him and had him to 7% health when a group of horde working in cahoots with an a-hole alliance guild ganked us. Needless to say, it landed the first person to ever hit my /ignore list. Suprisingly, I have never /ignored anyone before.

Above is a picture of me flying on a Nether Drake for a quest called Surveying the Land in Nagrand. All you do is hop on it and he rides you in a loop around. We call this the "Blizzard's Artistic Director's Show&Tell". hehe. As we all landed one by one, the screen clears everything from the area so you can't see other characters or the NPC or any mobs. So as we each landed, we were heartily ganked by two frost mages. hehehe. Bastards.

Above is an image of us burning bodies in Terokkar. Spiffy aye? So much intrigue in The Burning Crusade. I wish I had more time tonight, I'd post our adventures in Blade's Edge Mountains. We finally completed all of Nagrand and moved on to Blade's Edge. I thought I was going to hate the area so much because at first it looked so desloate...but just wait till you see it. It's trippy as all hell and the quests are hella fun and easy.
We also hit 68 tonight and Taint got flight form. Within the first 15 minutes, he was practicing free falling into Bear Form and landing on unsuspecting horde. Oh, and I made him test it out and apparently you can land on those floating islands in Nagrand! Woot!


Anonymous said...

The Blade's Edge area seems so far away to me! I've still got quests in Terrokar to finish then it's off to Nagrand.

Geez, what a game...I'm really enjoying the expansion so far!


Trevor said...

Only 9.1 levels then my alt can go to outlands =P

Anonymous said...

I love how I'm only on the 4th zone in outland and I'm already 68. >< I'll probably be 70 before I finish the area I'm in now.

Starman said...

It's funny you should mention this. I briefly stated something similar to this in Ep. 33, and I was about to write about it on my blog.

Last night in Terrokar some mage needed help with a 65 elite Terrorantula, the very same one you have shown in this blog entry. We toasted that elite together, and the elite was 3 levels higher than us. I don't know if it's the ubergear or the mobs, but yes, the mobs now have more bark, less bite.

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