Monday, January 15, 2007

9 Hours til' TBC!

I am beyond excited about The Burning Crusade release. It’s like I’m 6 again and I believe in Santa Clause and he’s about to bring me phat lootz!

However, the weather here in Austin is getting extreme. Half of the businesses are shut down due to the weather and major ice on the road. Texans can’t handle driving in imperfect weather, that’s just a fact. Pretty much all the law firms in our building are shut down and the parking garage is mostly empty. Just us crazy architects in the building because my bosses could care less if there was a nuclear bomb exploding outside.

So I really really really am hoping I can make it out to my Game Stop at midnight tonight. A couple of people from my guild are getting their copy at the same store we are so it’ll be a fun guild get together. I’m bringing a cam. One of the guys called up the store and they said they would be open if weather permits.

I guess I’ll be up pretty late tonight either way. Either I’ll be doing instances and leveling up my priest to 60 or installing TBC.

Hopefully installing TBC!

See you in the Outlands suckas!

Addition: as you get older, there are far less things in your life to be excited about, truly excited about. Birthdays? Well, I don’t particularly get excited about getting older, I don’t know about you.... Christmas? It’s hard to get giddy about presents you know are associated with real world money and taking time off from work can be a bitch sometimes.... LOTR movies? Unfortunately that only happened three time and now its over. :D

So what’s left in life to be really excited for? TBC? Hell yeah. I know it only means something to us WoWzens but it is a huge deal. Our world, our completely immersive world is expanding and growing. For a lot of us, this means more opportunity to gain wowlife experiences. We know we’re about to get to discover vast, gigantic unbelievable places....and for someone who sits at a desk for 8-12 hours a day, this means a lot!

I keep wanting to shout out in my office, “8 more hours!! Time to party!”....but I just sit quietly here with my heart pounding...


Anonymous said...

i have an exam around 9am tomorrow morning... in which this exam is wort half of my mark... after that i have two afternoon classes... in which i will be doing a unit final for the stuff we learned the last half of the semester... which is in fact in the same class my exam is in... and so... i will be forced to go to ebgames after an exam, a unit final, and a day at school...

Alachia said...


i'm sorry about that.

i might be in your boat though if this weather doens't get better.

lets do the no freeze dance!

Maclort said...

lol i have an exam too :(
Not looking forward to tomorrow, and at same time cant wait.
And i thought texas didnt do 'cold' lol

Anonymous said...

Hehe, just an FYI to all the Austinites out there. For all those who were too busy/lazy to preorder their copy, Target over on Research has 48 copies and is expecting no customers on tuesday due to adverse weather.

Maclort said...

I just had to say - FIVE people on my realm are lvl 61 already!
You should be buying your copy right about now :D Hope it wasnt closed for weather.

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