Friday, January 26, 2007

WoW Days Blurred

I just realized today is Friday. WoW. It's kind of like an elevated high when you're a worker drone when you realize that you've finally reached the end of another week. It's even more exciting when you didn't realize it was Friday.

So I guess my weekend is finally here! We're making a push to may or may not be possible depending on how many horde fly-bys we get. I can't wait to get my flying mount and free fall to a levitate....then dot, silence, mind blast, land on top of them, mindflay.....I will most definitley have to Frapps that moment. Of course, I'll have to record all the bloopers of me falling to my death too. :D


Maclort said...

Wow your that high? I was trying to hit 64 before bed tonight but failed miserably, didn't have the oomph in me and no friends online currently. Wonder when you guys will all hit 70 :D
Have you enough cash for the flying mount?

Trevor said...

You should have told me you didn't have fraps!! I will send you mine.

Alachia said...

I have Frapps. That's how I did the WoWcast Vid Sessions. Kitch donated it to me last Fall. Fun little app.
thanks for the offer though!

Anonymous said...

hey, just curious - whats your pings over in america? being an aussie player, my pings are consistently within 300-500ms.

yeah, i know.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the same boat as maclort...just 4 bubbles from 64...loving the new areas though, definitely nice...just headed out of the marsh last night and took the road south to Terokkar forest...I'm loving every moment of it!


Maclort said...

Hopefully im hitting the forest tonight, I passed through it and it seems like a nice place to level. Hope the quests are as good as the scenery.

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