Sunday, January 14, 2007

Elven Legends

Ooh.. Ding 57. My mind is so numb. :)
That bastard Taint is still level 50. He went on a vactation to go Ski in Colorado and has not caught up yet. I think he dupped me into playing main healer. :P

Man I hate the way my gear looks right now. I look like a UPS boy. Brown shorts? I mean, give me a break!! (see img above for proof)

but I did get this nifty little wand!
Wand of Eternal Light in BRD last night. It's a star and emits fairy dust! :D Woot! Plus the stats are tres uber!

SO, I found another quick 8300xp!
Elven Legneds
You just pick up the quest at lvl 55 in Feathermoon Stronghold and then ride out to Dire Maul. Click on the dead guy in the library and BAM! XP out the ass!

One of my favorite things to do in the game is to create wall papers for myself. I'll be sure to post all of them very soon.


Trevor said...

lol UPS. It appears Brown can do damage and heal.

Maclort said...
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Maclort said...

Omg 57 ur gonna make it!
Major gz - and yeh you look major dorky :D We can see your cankles in those hehe.
And as regards to the store - im so buying 'LARGE MUG'
And i quote from the site:
"When you need more, mug it up." lol! I don't know why i find that so funny...
Ill fill it up with Coffee to keep me WoWin all night!
I doubt any of the tops would fit me :)

Unknown said...

Nearly there.
I were also grinding to level 60 with new alt for the BC and I made it yesterday. :) Way longer then what you are doing but happy that I actually made it.

Mine is Undead Priest. Horde Rule :P

Can you post what your gear is?
I think I got some good gear but want to see what you have, if that is not much problem.

Anonymous said...

Grats on that wand. I desperately wanted that, it's the only Holy wand in the game, and the only thing I found that can hit certain mobs, especially in Scholo.

Anonymous said...

I like your brown shorts. I'm just curious as to what the person next to you is wearing. If anything at all.

Anyway thanks for putting the 'cast out for all of us. Good job and gz

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