Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Land of the Winds

I finally found something more annoying than collection quests. Collection quests under water! lol! But we finally finished off Zangarmarsh and headed to Nagrand, orcish for "Land of the Winds" tonight.

I definitely liked the openness of it and the sky at night is gorgeous. There were very few areas to quest in the old world that felt as open as Nagrand.
It's also pretty nice because of the herd of animals roaming around. The developers who were working on Nagrand definitely have a great sense of humor. They had this elite giant walking around and at first, he's pretty intimidating but then upon close inspection, you notice he has snot hanging off his nose. lol.

And to address the angry reply left on my blog response about gankage. We had an entire guild ganking us in Nagrand. Level 69 warriors and priest and warlocks. They ganked us over and over and over again. But you know what, we just got right back up, rezzed, and kept questing and destroying horde along the way as well. I'm really really sorry that my story about gankage offended you so much. But that's what playing on a PvP server is all about. It's about having that dynamic of real life human player vs. real life human player interaction. You don't know when that rogue is going to try and one shot you. You don't know when that group of bored-off-their-assess horde guild is going to come charging down the road and do everything in their power to stop you from finishing any of your quest or even turning in your quests. I'm sorry but it's a two-way street. My hope is that you play on a PvE server so that you never ever have to experience any frustrations that comes from playing with people like me and the thousands of other who play like me with the same mentality as me. Please don't reprimand me for playing the game the way I like it and the way I enjoy it. I don't tell other people how to play this game and I'd hope you'd respect that I get to make my own out of this as well. But nonetheless, I suspect it is a given. I guess I'm not as gracious as you are. I do revel in my horde kills. Especially the ones provoked and that lead into great epic world pVp battles. I like the unpredictability of the unscripted contested territory play. So yeah, maybe it'll bring a smile to your face knowing that I was ganked repeatedly by horde 5 levels higher than me tongiht.

In fact, I actually was laughing about it later that night. I was telling the guild how surreal it is to be ganked and ganked by horde out in Nagrand and Zanger during the evening and at night when you're winding down, you're standing next to the same horde in the INN or Bank in Shattrath. It's really really trippy.

On a LIGHTER note, we got around to this hilarious collection quest. You collect dung off the ground. Seriously! We had a blast with this one. "So, you get enough sh1t?" "This quest is sh1tty" "You're full of sh1t" "How much sh1t do you have?" "Felix has all his sh1t together"....etc..hahaha..... Sadin was like, "I bet the developers are watching us right now going "hahahaha..look at these people picking up sh1t off the ground"... cruel humor.
/Sigh. I guess that Warlock I met was right. It really was WTFWed.

<--this is what you collect from the dung piles to turn in.

Two bubbles from 65. Sang, one of our guild members is 69. I told him that he's going to have to fly down and meet us when he gets his flying mount so I can see it. He was like "yeah, definitely, but I hope they teach you how to land!" :) Much more to look forward to...


Starman said...

Preach it, sister!

Dalmore said...

I would worry too much about what he/she was unhappy about. Personally coming from an EQ and DAOC background, you can say I've played both PvE and PvP based games. I find the rush that you get from PvP action at anytime just brings a fresh change to whatever you are doing.

Yes questing is great, yes raiding is a blast. but you know what can be fun also is just getting a few guildmates together and hitting an enemy faction town. Before you know it words spreads and boom you have a full scale world PvP war.

So I would say, you play on a PvP server, take advantage of it because you enjoy it, otherwise stay on a PvE server and let the people who really enjoy PvP do what they love!

Trevor said...

I think the main problem with the last post comments was ganking. The term ganking is commonly known as killing someone 20+ levels below you just because you can. Yet in outlands there is PvP, mostly everyone is around the same level so it is a true fight. When people think of ganking they think of grieving and some express a strong stance towards it. And do those that don't like getting ganked and hate it. Roll PvE and let Alachia slay horde.

Trevor said...

Ow and can you spare me some soap, I stepped in some sh1t.

Alachia said...

hahaha...damn. i should have thought of the stepping in Sh1t one...oh well, I'll use it with my next round of characters.

About the word "ganking".
I didn't know that, Trevor. Good point! I guess I must be using the wrong terminology. I always say gank for some reason because it sounds more like a spontaneous battle as opposed to a regulated one.

but yeah, the horde we "killed" that night were all our levels with several above us. we did no corpse camping that night although we did "slay" several of the same people over and over again. I personally don't favor griefing people for fun but I don't oppose people who do either.

like I kind of explained before, in my eyes, since this is a PvP server, "killing" horde is fair game especially if they're taking your mobs, which all of them were.

I made the post because it was so unusual for us to kill that many horde in one night. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that we are all geared similarly and also because we all started at an even playing field with levels so we're all about the same level coming up.

Plus, I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the "balance act" that had been going on between the horde and alliance on our server since TBC started. The last thing I want is for some horde to /wave me instead of /target kill me.

There would be no fun in that!

Elly said...

Whoa. I rolled a new Blood Elf on a PVP server, I don't know what I was thinking. These stories scare me. =)

I hope to be partied with people always, by the time I leave the starting area.

Well explained Alachia, I look forward to intense evenings as my level rises.

Alachia said...

hehe. Elly, you're going to do awesome. Ms. BE Hunter with arcane torrent? Trust me, If I ever came across you, I'd probably think to run first. AOE silence is going to be your PvP friend :) I'm jealous.

Also, this is a great time to level up a character. Everyone is too busy getting to level 70 that they're not wandering around looking for lowbie alliance/horde to slaughter.

I heard STV and Searing Gorge and Un'goro are dead dead dead right now. Questing free-for-all!

Good luck!

Starman said...

Yup, those zones were dead when I was in there working my way up to 58. I had the zones almost all to myself. In fact, there were times when I was literally the only (Alliance) person in Winterspring.

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