Monday, January 08, 2007

Naxxramas The Movie

This a french production by Easy-Production by a WoW player named Jack. Sean pointed it out to me and I was up at 3am last night watching it. I was floored. I love small creative productions like this. They are so kick ass it's not even funny.
Now I must get my projector hooked up and watch this with it!

Warning: this movie will make you want to raid Nax. hehe. Cuz all the progression raiding is taken out of it. It's not realistic in terms of how epic raiding really is but good lord it's dead on with the emotional high of downing a boss.

Truly fucking awesome shit. Go watch it now!


Trevor said...

How do you misspell Naxxaramas when you post a picture of it lol...

But anyways yeah i've seen it and its pretty hot, yet me a naxx priest doesnt get excited with naxx on farm status... right now i am working to get my 44 rogue to 60 by tbc. And getting like a level a day I won't probably... Yet by the time i get tbc I will be 60 lol, not preordering FTL

Matt Tan said...

I couldn't leave work... I'm late, and I'll get in trouble, but it was too good to leave till tomorrow.

I liked the bit with the 2 T2 Gnome Locks. Scary...

Great stuff. Thanks for posting it.

Alachia said...

okay okay. i fixed the spelling. happy?

the spider battle looks fucking bad ass...everyone all cacooned...shit, did i spell that right?

Anonymous said...

Naxx? No, make it GO AWAY!



Anonymous said...

Ok, I just finished watching it. That was friggin' cool. They sure make Naxx look epic. Obvious use of personal servers in that film :D.

That spider boos fight was cool. Maexxna puts everyone in a cocoon for 12 seconds (or so) at which time he's banging on the MT who has to have Rejuv and Cure Poison at the same time or he's dead.

There were some badass fights in there. I miss the fights, but I don't miss everything that went with it.

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