Saturday, January 06, 2007

Splintertree Cave

Thanks for this pic Balooja! It's gorgeous. If you're horde, see his email below to how to check this out!


This is Balooja, don't know if you remember me but I had asked about
preparation for TBC.

Anyway, I was on a horde alt questing in ashenvale and while in splintertree I saw a
strange cave that I had never seen before. With the hope that there were some good
quests inside I went in to explore every inch of the passages.

I didn't find any quest-givers but I did find the most beautiful screen that Ive
ever seen through my year of playing WoW.

I took a picture of it and set it as my desktop background (yes, its that awesome).

Well its at the back of the cave in Splintertree and would be hard to find if you
dont have a 15-20ish horde alt. If you go to the cave in town, go in, and take a
right at the fork you can't miss it.

Ive attached a screen shot of it in the highest quality I can muster, enjoy =)


Maclort said...

That looks awesome. I love when you stumble upon strange things like that, although unfortunately on my computer the same scene would look terrible. (low spec laptop ftw) But buying a new comp soon i hope so i must check it out!

Trevor said...

I could take a pic of that at super high quality =P Stealth past horde FTW

And I never noticed that playing horde. Yet I do hate ashenvale...

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