Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The TBC Lesson

If TBC has taught us anything, it's that any extra breath wasted over loot is worthless. Seriously, the second string of quests in the Outlands gives you a better helm than tier 2. And I'm just laughing at the fights people had over tier gear...no, actually I'm crying and bitter. Bitter that it had to be so sad that people became so obsessed with something so nonsensical. And that a lot of great relationships were destroyed because of it...

Today alone, Sadin replaced all of his gear for his warrior. Myself, those brown UPS pants are gone! I got the Lifegiver Britches off a boss drop in Hellfire Rampart and Pauldrons of Arcane Rage (f*cking easy instance). We were laughing our asses off because people were spamming in General Chat "LFG, Ramp 5 man, need tier 1 or tier 2 level 60-61"

We were laughing because we went in with mostly green shit, 2 level 59s, 1 58, and 2 60s. I keep wondering why it is that people don't seem to understand that it's really not about the gear so much as it is about the skill. Gear helps, don't get me wrong but you'd be suprised how much brains outdoes bronze.

Hellfire Rampart was amazing for XP. I got about 700-860xp per mob kill, 1500-2500xp per boss kill, and over 12,000xp for doing the quests associated with it. The big bonus was that there was less fighting other peeps for mobs and dealing with the lag...yup, it started to hit the lagfest a little tonight.

We're almost halfway into 60 now (/played 7 days). Making the trek to 61.

People have been making fast progress in this game. There's already two level 62s on our server. And I've seen two epic Elekks... I'm so jealous. Does anyone know if you have to get trained with epic riding skill in order to move on to learn the expert and artisan flying skill? Because if I can spare the 900g for the epic mount, I will.

My alchemy is up to 317 now. I'm short on Felweed and Dreaming Glory to keep skilling up. My Herbalism is behind because I leveled so fast I didn't have time to pick herbs along the way. Felix helped me out with my professions big time. It's good to have friends! Apparently flask of mojo is going for 20g on my server because people need it to level up jewelcrafting. I sure wish I had been smart like Boozefort and horded all the items people needed for craftin' to make some serious cash!

First day of questing and instancing in TBC has been impressively memorable. We'll be talking about it for years I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

Purchased, installed and played, I've gotta admit this game is unbelievable, went into outland w/ my 60 Shammy and have already replaced most of her gear, gotta love it.

Hope all is well!


Anonymous said...

if you think about riding skill as a proffession in which case they've given them the same labels it would make sense that you have to get epic riding before flying. because if you have flying you have w/e that number is, which is obviously greater than riding... sooo. i think you need to go in order.

Anonymous said...

I just heard on the radio this morning that a store got trashed by an angry mob of wow players that couldn't get the game...

When I picked up TBC yesterday the store had 160 copies!!

Anonymous said...

The store I got it at had 4 copies left after mine...guess it all depends on where you live.

Anonymous said...

I had more fun playing last night on Spurlock than I have in a long time. 5 man dungeons > fun than 40 man intstances.

While most people I have talked to love the changed, there are some hold outs. There were raiders complaining about how the greens were better than some tier 2 items. "Its unfair that some "normal" player should get gear equivalent to the stuff I spent almost a year acquiring during raids. I'm an elite raider dammit."

Okay, that was a paraphrase, but I captured the essence of the point. I think the other problem a small minority will have is that they wont' be on top anymore. For a long time, some of these guys were sitting at the top of their profession. They had the best gear. They were maxed out on level. Now, they are starting over, and they don't like it.

To them, I quote Sam, "cry more". To Blizzard, I say, "bravo" to a job well done.


Anonymous said...

I guess that all depends on how you look at the matter. They were on top when there was no other place to go when we're talking about gear, and there will be a time when they are back on top again, it's a given.


Alachia said...

"top" is completely subjective. I've seen a tier 1 warrior beat out a GM warrior before. I've seen a "green" rogue beat out a tier 2 rogue.

The problem with taking raiding gear too seriously is that after the progression raiding is done, all you need are what I call one-button spammers...in which case, there's far less skill involved as there is time to waste. This isn't true for all classes of course.

but I think a lot of them are bitter because they did put in the time and now Blizz just basically took that time and effort and gave it the one finger salute.

Which in my case, I like, because there are people I know who betrayed their friends and family for some of this shit...and I hope to god that this puts it all in perspective for them.

no, i'm not bitter :D

Maclort said...

Me and a friend entered the poral together and started questing.
Now my friend is a raider, ive done a zg pug once but thats the most ive done.
He has awesome gear from MC/Ony/Zg and very awesome PvP gear thrown in.

But - with the quest rewards we were getting, just seeing him sell his epics to a vendor and equip greens seemed so....*shudder*
And I suddenly had gear as good as him! I went giddy for a good ten minutes.
Oh but is anyone else having trade problems? No one in any city so no mats!! Aah, i can't get my master enchanting - im two points away from 300 and i am four mats away from making my last rod before i can learn the new stuff. But no one is selling any mats its driving me nuts.

Enjoy tbc everyone!

Anonymous said...

friends > wow

Unknown said...

Lvl 70 in 28 hrs.



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