Monday, January 08, 2007

WoWcast Christmas Audio

Okay, Here's the small recording I made over Christmas with my Iaudio and new microphone of our xmas review from Taint (tai), Sadin, and Felix.

It's short and non-eventful. See if you can hear someone playing with a nurf dart-gun in the background.


Listen: WoWcast Xmas 2006



Matt Tan said...

Bandits...that's all I can say...bandits.

Anonymous said...

Much <3 for Alachia!

I sent you a sound clip a while ago and I'm planning on sending you another because so much has happened.

Just wanted you to know I still listen to your podcast and read your blog.

When I left you the voice mail I was playing a lvl 60 druid, but since then I have lvled a mage to 60 and a Rogue to 60 who is now my main.

Macether 60 Taren druid
Macnchz 60 undead rogue
Crowendora 60 undead mage

Alachia said...

thanks. i think i've only ever gotten two voice mails. :) so i remember it well!

of course, now you have to level a priest to 60....and you'll be my exact horde counterpart.

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